Last Class Of the DECADE… Goodbye CT101!

To all my fellow classmates and Professor Ryan,
Here we are the final day of CT101 and for some of us our final class of the decade. I would like to say that I have learned a lot about digital media and how to be proactive on my own to create things online. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to take this class. I  learned some basic tips on how to use photo shops, how to create memes, gifs and cut clips of videos for the use of entertainment. All in all this class has pushed me to get out of my boundaries of what I originally thought I was capable of creating online.


We made it everyone and all you guys are super talented. It was a please hearing everything about your websites, there was so much creativity in that room. But we definitely made it!

I feel as though I should get an A- in the class because even though my assignments were a bit late. I tried my absolute best to make each post worth it and the content entertaining and easily readable to display the tasks I had to accomplish.  I had many struggles at home as my mom had  some pretty serious medical issues and I was taking 8 classes and working two jobs. Those are descriptions not excuses but I did my best to prevail on and make the most with what I had. Out of all my classes this semester this one pushed me the most to change my view and learn skills I would use for the rest of my life. As I said previously I was not at all tech savvy and was not too ready to jump into social media platforms. Put me infront of a crowd playing and I would feel comfortable rather than putting up content for all to see and judge . I will be keeping my website and periodically will keep updating about my musical journey and the music I make. I will try to keep learning more about Photoshop as I really did enjoy the Zine Project and for future art work of mine. All in all this was a great class that I am so thankful to have had experienced and farewell to all my classmates and I hope to share my work and yours as well in the future.
I always thought I couldn’t make a website I could be proud of on my own. CT101 changed my mind forever on what I thought I was capable of.


Ryan It was an absolute pleasure taking your class. Would love if you were teaching upper level courses, but alas we can’t always get what we want. You have given me and the other students in this class enough and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.

Final Zine Project Post

The End of a long time coming…..

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you what I worked countless hours on…

Here is the final product which reads :

On the top- “When nothing is certain anything is possible”

On the bottom- “Anything is possible when nothing is certain”

The use of technology to create something we are proud of would be my way of showing how powerful learning tools for communication, inspiration, and digital storytelling truly are.

Here is another one I worked on when the inspiration just wouldn’t stop.

Feels good to create something!

Finally Finding Some Truth-Zine Project

It was a week before it was due and I sat down and really thought about this. What did I want? What did I want to say? what did I want my audience to feel from looking at my photo. I began thinking about my music and if I made an cover for one of the songs I released in the beginning of the year what would it look like. I began with the sky because I feel as though we all “look up” for guidance in any sense of the word. The picture was going to be a metaphor in itself.

Then I chose the moon  and added it in.

I cropped it and put it in the center.

The I added this vintage mermaid image in to give a sense of mystery and I kept the original photo of Kurt Cobain and added a dark contrast to his image and the moon.


I played around with the fade tool quite a bit for this project. I wanted a mysterious, faded, vintage feel so the audience would have to look further than what they saw at first glance for the message.

This is what I left the day with. And if for those who couldn’t read the fine print so to speak Keep Calm. All answers will be revealed on the next episode of the walking dead…. just kidding but checkout the next blog post.

Zine Project Continuation…

So, here I was again still trying to find some inspiration, and from looking at my peers work I was not on their level. I did not have a solid voice in my head to listen to. All I knew for sure was that it had to be related to honoring one of the musical artists I love.

I began to think about the world and how I listen to musics from almost every continent and if I was making a collage the world should be represented in some way shape or form.

After, adding it I did not feel satisfied and I had to take a break because I felt as though I was overthinking the assignment. When you are stressed sometimes it is hard to see the truth or even realize your own truth from within.

At the end of the day I left with this image saved and I basically was telling this to myself in my head. I repositioned some images added color to the background and felt lost.

The Beginning of the Zine Project

For this project I felt lost in the beginning…

Again with infinite possibilities I had nowhere to begin. But like always I went back to the reason for my existence which is MUSIC. and I came up with this.

(The Background page is white, that is why it looks like images are floating

(The image is on a white background, that is why it may seem as if there are no borders)

I have been learning a lot about the Beatles hence the photo of them in the 60s and they have given me solace from the difficulties that come with being alive sometimes. Which explains the human in fetus position in the center.

It was my first thought that I would make a collage of the whole thing and with my first day ended up with this….