I Have a Domain Name!!

Guess Whatttt Yall, I Got my Own Domain Name 😉 . My Own Website browngirltwopuffs.com

I had some trouble at first trying to pick a domain name that represents me. I was torn between melanatedpuffs and browngirltwopuffs & obviously you guys can see which won that fight. As you guys know i love hair and natural hair specifically. During a time where being BLACK and being natural is going through a simultaneous movement, i wanted to pick a name that represented that. Browngirl represents my proud and strong BLACKNESS and twopuffs represents my thick natural hair.

My website isn’t anywhere near what i’ll like it to be but still, check it outttttt 

First Photoshop Try

Im a little late but in class we began playing around with photoshop & i fell in love. Of course when Professor told us to just grab images that we liked the first thing that came to mind was beautiful women with natural hair. I ended up coming across 2 images at random that while working with them I eventually realized how much they represented ME!

This First one screams at me simply because it gives off an island vibe and I, myself am Jamaican !

However, this one also relates to me because although im a island girl, i now live here in New York City. So here I am puff wearing young lady twisted in the city.

Thoughts About Future Assignments!

The first assignment i chose was the “Contradiction Creation”, i deemed this as one i think i can learn to do. The assignment seems pretty straightforward, and is basically meme making so i dont think i’d need to do alot of these projects. I like this because combining the contradictory phrases and images reminds me of sarcasm which i use a lot, daily. In order to do this assignment i think you just need creativity yet precision. Creativity will actually add to the contradiction whereas without precisely pairing 2 things that actually contradict the post can become  a miss. I think these skills are important because creativity is obviously needed in anything media/ storytelling related but precision keeps that creativity clean at the same time.


The second assignment i chose, was one that seemed some what harder , this was the “one- story four icons”. I chose this one because although it looks simple it can lead to the creation of a powerful message. Also this one reminds me of those picture game apps where you get four pics and you have to guess the word. Although this may seem quite simple , finding just the right pictures to tell a “story” can be challenging. I think doing a few of these projects could be good for skill building and storytelling skills. This goal of this project is to basically tell a story in very few symbols, in everyday life its hard enough/ impossible to tell a story in one sentence. Aiming to tell a story with 4 icons ensures your precision in getting down to the point, which is a skill needed for storytelling.