Daily Create- Definitely Me

This daily create “Doodle a day”, was created on March 10,2017. I decided to doodle my lack of photo shop abilities in class. Lol I think it expresses my feelings very well. You can find this daily create at http://daily.ds106.us/tdc1888/

There’s awesome things to do daily on this website, something simple as tweeting pictures with a specific meaning to them, or drawing how you feel. You don’t have to be an artist, because clearly I’m not, but you can find different ways to release your inner “you”. Lol, I sure did.

My horrible attempt at Photoshop :( pt 2

So I attempted Photoshop again! I think I did a little something, but I will let you be the judge of that. 

So this is a photo of a cute baby that I found on google. http://abduzeedo.com/beautiful-black-and-white-photography

I wanted to make the eyes blink, so I followed another tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qf22F-v6xzc . I definitely didn’t ace that.

This is the ending of my picture. I got frustrated after a while, because I ended up shading the picture in. I didn’t realize it. But this is definitely my conclusion of my photo shop :(. Sad Sad Sad.

Photoshopppppp!! I suck at it… but not for long!

Last week, we learned a lot about Photoshop. We even had tutorials to teach us as well. I thought I understood how professor Ryan did it, but when I tried it myself, I was so confused. Cruising through YouTube, will be my best bet to find a tutorial that is for someone slow like me! Lol. I really thought I had it and I didn’t. Repeated practice on Photoshop will help me out greatly, because it’s not as hard as it seems.

Image result for someone that can't photoshop

I would love to be able to do this!!!

Flexibility in assignments

There were two project ideas that caught my eye. They were: Visual Assignment- Shadow of a Doubt, and I’m ready for my close up (Mashup Assignment).  In the visual assignment, you take a photograph of anything that’s casting a shadow, or a picture of shadows. The reason for this is to observe how light and shadow appear in different ways. Here’s a link to the page:


I chose this assignment because it should be fairly easy to complete. The hardest part would be capturing a shadow in the exact light and exactly how you would like it. I should be doing a lot of these in this class, so I can learn to create and post it onto my blog. Learning new skills like this is important in digital storytelling is learning to tell stories simply by creating different pictures that can speak for themselves.


In the I’m Ready for My Closeup assignment (Mashup Assignment), you take a close up of someone’s face, and “superimpose” a scene over it. You have to try to create a story out of it. Here’s a link to the page:


I chose this assignment because I don’t know how to create something like that. This would be such a fun project to do, because you can create any story that you would like. Sometimes I like to create stories based on my mood, scenarios with my friends, or to create something that I think will likely happen. This would be a great opportunity to learn how to create this for my future blog. Learning how to superimpose two things together would cool and maybe even a bit challenging, but I am willing to learn.

Im going to love this class – Reaction GIF

This GIF describes me entirely! I use this class as a “relief”from other classes that restrict you to reading boring chapters and memorization.

This is the only class I look forward to on Tuesdays!

I like how were free to create any kind of GIF that we want, using any videos. No restrictions!!! I love it like this kid ^^ lol.