Eastwood Ain’t Having None of the That Yandere Simulator Glitch!

Found this assignment in the DS106 Animated GIF Assignment page. The example given made me chuckle a bit as well. Here’s my work using the provided GIF and a video from the developer of Yandere Simulator showing an interesting bug. As of about two weeks ago, this bug has been fixed, but the video is still a bit funny.


To Octavia by Edgar Allan Poe {Parody}

A poem by Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorite writers ever! Here is my parody.

Lyre of the Sea

Hear that song and light the fire.
Come hither the gilded lotus,
Forget your wiles and pray to none.
Let the heart ache and bellow for freedom,
Shine to all! Command us!

But oh Lyre, do not yield,
My heart, oh let it roam in your Eden.
Let it grab your soul and kiss it,
Come to me and sow thy seed.

The Music of Undertale.

Recently, I’ve been into the game, Undertale. This one game gave me such an emotional experience that was only intensified by the brilliant music by the game’s creator Toby Fox. Each song is interconnected and evokes such a field of emotions that all I could say is to listen to the music and play the game.

First Post That Took Long.

My Reaction when hearing a dumb response.
My reaction when hearing a dumb response.

Today was the first day of Communications Technology 101 class. I must say, that this will be quite an interesting semester with all my classes. I even got to learn how to make a GIF!!

This GIF was made with imugr. I used a Game Grumps animated episode. The idea for the GIF sort of appeared in my head and I knew I wanted to do this.