Finally a own Blog is up!

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Finally I have my own blog post which is at 

Would like for everyone to check out my website every week because I will be posting 1 or 2 things about something that interest me.  I’m so excited about my own website because it’s mine first my having a own one. It is exciting to have a own one and you can blog whatever you want. There are no limits to your own website. Whatever is on your mind, you post and talk about it in your own website. A website is your free-will of your own choice and no one can stop you from posting or writing about anything you want.



Computers can FRUSTRATE people sometime

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CT 101 class is a GREAT class and it is very interesting to make our own blog post by using our own ideas and imaginations. But when TRYING TO WORK ON A BLOG POST  IN CLASS AND THE COMPUTER DON’T WORK AND DOES THE EXACT OPPOSITE YOU WANT. It is FRUSTRATING WHEN THE WORK DOES NOT LOAD AND FEEL LIKE THE ABOVE EXACT REACTION(especially today).