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While scrolling through some blogs last night and my social media websites i ran across the color of the year. I was so excited i had to look more into it, but a warning for the gentlemen this color may not be a first pick for you and don’t worry i have a variation.

Sidebar: for some reason in the fashion world when someone says color of the year they are refering to 2014 colors sometimes. I personally do not know why myself, it’s the same eay with award shows. The show can be in 2015 but they are talking about 2014 things. Please do not put much thought into it becuase i dont. #justgowiththeflow

I won’t leave you in the dark any longer the color of the year is in fact ……….. Marsala!


Take a look: That link will explain the color in detail for you. I honestly think this color is a glorfied burgundy. Don’t go around saying that to people though especially people who are heavy into fashion they might argue your head off. This link: well its just full of a bunch of beautiful marsala colors from clothes to makeup and furniture. Lastly the celebs have already dived into the color, you know everyone always has to saty on trend or ahead

My Tip: If you can find this color in stores like forever 21 and H&M then by all means go ahead and but it but my suggestion just wear some burgundy!

Until next time 🙂

Spring Fashion Looks (non-expert opinion)

Part One: Coats/Jackets

My opinions on some fashion do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind for this upcoming spring. Keep in mind i am no expert but i do know a little something about fashion (check out my instagram @king.mannequin for my fake credentials lol) Leave feedback on this post, start a conversation.


I think varsity jackets and trech coat are the biggest things that should be in your wardrobe this spring. A varsity jacket is not only warm but always stylish. They have so many variations now that you might be able to find one with a letter on it,example if your name is Johnny Beautiful, an J or B varsity jacket might mean the world to you. The trench coat is good for the rainy spring days and are good for adding a lilttle bit of class to a not so classy outfit. The trench coat can also bring your business casual up to a whole new level.

SURPRISE! Leather jackets are still in, and in my opinion and are not going anywhere. I personally own about four or five of them and they are warm enough to wear in the winter, why do you think motercycle riders wear them? A classic black one can go with anything you want to wear remember Black goes with anything but try not to get that dingy black or if the dingy black is cheaper you can get that and then get some black clothing die (a little secreat i learned).

***On a side not buying black die is always a good idea because black fades after you wash it so instead of throwing it away you can just make is darker again.***

As soon as i became introduced to the online shopping world i was hooked. First website i am going to introduce you to is AMAZON. Amazon is life for me it has maybe 99% of everything i ever looked for, it is way faster then going to a store trust me. There are also a student discount account that you can set up to get free shipping. Here is a link to varsity jackets and here is a link to some leather jackets but dont be scared of the prices because if you shop around for long enough you will find something really cheap and just want you want.

– Until next time, Later


What Do You Want From ME


On this page;post_type=stufftodo ) of the ds106 assignment database i came accross Street View Story ( ). The description of the assignment is what actually caught my eye and the actual desin aspect of it. Street View Story: Dig through Google Maps Street View to find an interesting setting for your story. Let your imagination go wild and tell the story of what occured in that space. Bonas points for using google Earth to creat a virtual tour with multiple settings for your story and narrating it yourself. The bonas part is actually something i do not already know how to do fully but would like to. I think that everyone knows how to use google maps but not google earth. I would love to learn how to access every part of google becuase its ruling the world and really is the best resource. This has the potential to be a never ending this because you could just look uo random places and create stories for them. Or maybe you could do a voting thing where you list three places and have people vote on which one to write the story on. Hastags and use of other social media websites will be a must for this potiental blog. There would have to be a audience for the post to survive. Also using reaction gifs, maybe creating original ones using whats going on in social media now, creating relatable stories. Learing new computer skills is very important so everything is beneficial.



Following this link i found something i know i can do . I think that everyone that uses instagram or facebook or anywhere that you would need to upload a picture at one point has filtered sed pictured or edited it. Make your dot, make your mark: is a project that simply envolves editing skills. I know that i could do this mobily. Personally i have 4 photo editing apps on my phone that are all very good and would help me out alot, btw i reccomend them: Photo Grid, PicsArt, Pixlr Express, and InstaPicFrame. This can also be done throught the semester all you have to do is take pictures, learn how to use easy free accesible downloadable aps and be creative.




Can i, Should i, Would i

I am all about the fashion game even if its other people that inspire me or my personal fashion crazyness even celeb fashion or . Lastly my inpiration . I want to creat a blog that hits on issues that have to do with the gay community, fashion and creative writing. I like to think i am a creative person and just cannot wait to get started.