Domain Dot What???

Weekly Reflection 4 part 2

After listening to Jim Groom’s “Domain of One’s Own” interview it became very clear to me why someone would want to have their own domain name. I think a student or faculty member would like to have a “domain of one’s own” because it gives people a sense of having a space of their very own where they can control what goes on in it. I think other people have their own domain name for professional use, such as marketing their brand, networking with others, or for commercial/nonprofit business. As for personal use people create domain names so that they can use it to share their ideas, work, thoughts, etc., with the world in a space of their own. I plan to choose my domain name based off of my personal interest, as while as my creative and unique thinking. The theme of my name will be music, success, dreams, all things that essential makes me-me. After researching some tips on picking a domain name, I choose LyricallyHigh because my website will be about entertainment, mainly music. In the article “5 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name” it actually changed my mind because I wanted to put an underscore in between my name, but the article suggested that I didn’t as it can make it harder for people to remember.

I completed this project by first listening to Jim Groom’s interview in order to answer the questions, and then by research how to create a domain name and make sure it was available. The only thing I am confused about is whether or not I actually own the name. Can someone “steal” it if I don’t do go through the proper legal steps?

Weekly Reflection 4

That Moment When…

This is a GIF that I created from a video I took of the kids dancing at my cousin’s baby shower. I feel this GIF could be used to substitute for someone being very excited or happy. For example, you remember that moment when you were in grade school and your teacher didn’t give you homework. Or when you found out you were going to Toys R Us or Chuck E. Cheese? That’s the expression this kid has and the dance just adds to it. Here is an example of how this GIF can be used in a ‘textual’ situation where you just found out it was a 3 day weekend:

FRIEND: Hey, what are you doing Monday morning?

YOU: I have classes from 10:00am -2:00pm.

FRIEND: Dude, we’re off from school tomorrow!


Social Media- a way to publicly display your private thoughts

The social media networks I have an account for are Facebook, YouTube, G+, Twitter, and Instagram. Although I don’t really use any of them as much, Facebook may be the one I engage with most. I mainly use Facebook to connect and stay in touch with distant family members; it’s an easy way to stay updated on what’s going on with them. The only reason I made a YouTube account is because so many videos get flagged as mature (18 years and older) and I got tired of being restricted so I made a YouTube account just for that reason. Now that I have an account I use it to subscribe to different YouTube pages that I find interesting such as hair tutorials, or web series.

For G+ I mainly use the Google Drive I learned about last semester. Its way easier to save you files and documents that way then to carry around an actual flash drive. I recently stopped going on Instagram as frequently as I used to only because it has gotten boring, just like many of the other social media websites. However, I used it to post pictures of myself or things I found funny, such as memes. Twitter is the one account I was forced to make last semester for a class, so I never really used it.

My accounts on Facebook and Instagram are private. I’m not sure if my YouTube and G+ are private, however my Twitter is public only due to class purposes. I try to make every account I have private but I don’t upload any videos on YouTube and I am not exactly sure if YouTube or G+ has those types of privacy settings. After reading danah boyd’s blog post it hasn’t really changed my thinking about social media as much as it confirmed what I already have been thinking for the past 5 or so months. However, I will say that even though my Facebook is private, after reading like half way through her blog I logged into Facebook to update some of my settings. Especially the one about people being able to look you up on search engines. Since May of this year I have been seriously thinking about deleting most if not all of my social media accounts and/or using them only for business purposes anyway.

Pre Game Interview

For CT101 I plan to complete the following assignments: blogging, personal website, weekly reflections, as well as maybe do a few critique posts here and there. I think blogging and my personal website will go hand and hand because I plan to do both a blog and website about music or entertainment in general. I chose these assignments because I feel they will be of help in getting me an A in the class and also they are things I’m actually interested in. I think you gave the choice of which types of assignments we want to do because you feel if we choose it, it will be something we are interested in and will work hard on. I didn’t exactly pick a set pace for which I plan to complete each assignment however I did consider the possibility that I may not receive full point value for each assignment, so I plan to give it my all.

The GIF I chose is from an interview that Russell Westbrook did a while back. I chose this GIF because I tend to make this face a lot and it was my first reaction when I read that I may not get full point value for my assignments.

Praying For A Good Grade

Praying Mantis


I tend to take a lot of photos of things however; I don’t really edit them too much unless I see a need for it. This semester I have been making beats using Logic Pro. I normally work with the loops of different instruments, mixing them together to create one collaborate sound. Although I don’t have any music samples for you all to listen to I have embedded a picture I took of a praying mantis I saw in my neighborhood.
The reason I chose this photo is because every summer I see at least two praying mantises and I think that is pretty cool considering that they are said to be an endangered species. In the original picture I was standing pretty good distance from the praying mantis so I just cropped the photo so that you could see the mantis better. I used an app called Pic Collage (although I do prefer Pic Stitch) to put the two pictures side by side. I am comfortable with this app (as well as Aviary) because it is very basic; meaning no extensive photo editing experience is needed you just go in and use the app. I would love to get more familiar with Photoshop; I have never used it and think it would be a great software for me to know more about.