My VaporWave Attempt :(

This was my first attempt at creating VaporWave.

To start off, I did not have Photoshop to create this. I used an app called Sketchbook on the Mac. Now this app was very tedious in ways that I almost gave up creating my work. I kept on opening new canvases because I didn’t fully understand how the app worked. So I youtubed “How to use sketchbook on the Mac? ”  and this video gave me the basics and what I needed to know.

Although the experience was tedious, it was really enjoyable when I got the hang of Sketchbook. I watched the third video on the assignment post and that was where I got the inspiration for it. I also added some features that I thought would look cool. Features like the laser beams coming out out the bust eyes. You can still see how I didn’t completely crop out the whole background of the lasers, when I went back to take it out I couldn’t get it to work.

The background, now that I realize, looks like cotton candy which is not what I was going for. I was going for neon colors but thats what came out to be. lol.

Overall, this process was really fun and I just like learning about things I didn’t know about.

Ok , Goodnight!

Panoramic Storytelling

Although I wasn’t able to make it to class when this assignment was taught, I was able to look at some post to see examples of the assignment and I decided to hit the road and make my own panoramic story.

For one of my classes, one of the assignments was to go the American Museum of Natural History, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my story of my day.

So here is my view before getting on the train:

Here I am at the museum getting my work done:

I had help on this one because I met up with one of my classmates at the museum.

This is my view back from the museum (I had work after so thats why it was late and dark out) :


Lighting adds a lot to the Pano photos because in the first one natural lighting is on the outside and its dark on the platform. But as natural lighting fades away for the day, the station lights light up the platform and now there is darkness on the outside. This assignment was fun and if it wasn’t for this class I would probably have never used the Pano mode on my phone. So for that reason I would like to thank the professor.


GIF the Portrait- J. Cole

In class today we learned how to create gif using portraits by adding effects to different layered pictures. Following the steps shown in class was easy until I got the error when creating the animation. This is where I had to go back and make sure that all my images were saved on Layer and not the artboard, and to my surprise everything was saved on the artboard. After that small obstacle all I had to do was save for the web and pull up the gif on the web browser and this was my final product.

I decided to do this GIF portrait on J. Cole who is a rapper, producer, amazing lyricist, and an incredible story teller. His songs have actual meaning and you can tell that he means everything he says because of the passion he puts on his albums. J. Cole’s verses and “bars” are also out of this world, on his most recent project “KOD”, which has three different meanings, talks about the problems with drug abuse in the music industry and the effect it can have on the younger generation. He is one of the realest rappers out there right now and every single project he put out has not let me down.

Are Memes Art? Part ll

Using Photoshop in todays class to create memes was a new experience for me. It was my first time using Photoshop and it was a simple process when creating memes. The only problem I had was finding an image in a larger size, my image came out a bit blurry because the image was small.

The one I created today hits very close to home because I can relate to the same feeling as the meme.

It is also interesting to see that the meme culture is world wide. This article in Spanish on what memes are and how to make them show that this is an interest in everybody.

One of my favorites memes from the Spanish “culture”:

This meme is in Spanish and is basically showing how the elderly are way behind on using technology. To translate, “Son, the computer is telling me to open up a window? But… its raining!!!”

This meme reminds me of when my grandparents got a phone for the first time and they needed help with everything.




Are Memes Art?

Memes are definitely a form of art. Memes could be considered art because they are often relatable. They are also a form of entertainment. I would say memes is a good thing for the Art community because its a brand new way to express what you  are currently feeling or what is making you smile. Memes have created an opportunity for many to communicate with each other, we do this by sharing memes on facebook, retweeting on twitter, or posting on instagram.

Some of my favorite memes:

This one is my favorite because it is something that I deal with on the daily. The caption can also be replaced with “me at school” instead of work but it applies to that as well.

All my favorite memes have to deal with sleep. It seems to be a reoccurring theme. It’s quite funny because I barely get enough sleep in the first place.

Memes make me happy and are partially a reason as to why I get little to no sleep.