Farewell! The Final Post

This semester has been one of the most stressful ones yet for me. Luckily, this class has been a burden lifter. Although I am not a CT major, I have learned so many new things about the internet that are beneficial for the future. For example, learning to create GIFs was something that I always wanted to do, and I finally learned how to this semester. Since then, I have been making GIFs nonstop.

In hindsight, this GIF has to be my favorite:

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Once again, I have to say Ouch! Big brother is doing a terrible job of babysitting!

But I digress!

I can truly say that CT 101 has been a rewarding course. I appreciate the knowledge and guidance I received from Professor Smith in this class. He’s always willing to help and explain any concept thoroughly until one fully understands it.

Even Audri gives Professor Smith a thumbs up:

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One of my favorite and most memorable moments in this class was working on the Foley project, Charlie Chaplin lion’s cage. That activity required a lot of focus, accuracy, and teamwork. It was a great collaborative effort, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.

In high school I had the privilege of creating my own website. Unfortunately, I don’t know what has become of it. This course has afforded me another opportunity to have my own corner in the World Wide Web. Initially, the process was a bit tedious and difficult, but eventually I learned how to do it. I am actually proud of my personal website, hausofmusic.com. It is my own free space to share my my love for music. However, I do not wish to keep my account with Reclaim hosting active. I will probably archive my website for my own personal viewing. Maybe in the future I can possibly resurrect another website dedicated to music that I will be more committed to.

Overall this class has been worthwhile, and I wish everyone the best! Happy Holidays!

~ Kevaughn Powell

Christmas Humor!

In this short clip of the episode “Minstrel Krampus” of American Dad, Hayley Smith is working at an airport so she can buy Christmas gifts for her family. Surprisingly, she runs into her grandfather, Jack Smith, who later becomes Krampus the Christmas demon. Initially, he is on his way to Jamaica. However, Hayley convinces him that family is important with a rousing Reggae performance featuring some angry travelers who happen to be a Reggae band. (P.S. Their Jamaican accents are inaccurate and forced!). Hayley’s song persuades her grandfather to cancel his flight, and travel to Bavaria instead, to confront Krampus, and possibly save his son and grandson. O yeah, and Roger!

I think you’ll have a good laugh at this attempt of a reggae song!

Here is the original link to where I got this video from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHIoDzl1Rb0

Late Thanksgiving Post

I know Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it is never too late for a little holiday humor! Ever wondered what turkeys feel about this time of the year? There is an unusual case of turkey abductions around the 4th Thursday of every November. This is no ordinary kidnapping. Millions of turkeys lose their lives each year on account of a traditional delicious and sumptuous meal that brings many families together, and makes the world a little happier. It’s unfortunate that humans and turkeys can’t come to a reasonable compromise that doesn’t end in death, and still allows millions to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving. But for now, things will just have to remain the same! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Here’s a link to where I got this meme from:  http://www.vitamin-ha.com/funny-thanksgiving-compilation-20-pics/

Thanksgiving Playlist!


Whether you’re religious or not, I’m sure everyone has something to be grateful for. Be it family, friends, a warm cozy house, a great paying job, or even good grades, I’m sure there is someone that we attribute thanks to for being so fortunate! Even if life isn’t the best currently, the fact that one is alive is still something to be thankful for. I have handpicked a couple of songs perfect for Thanksgiving: Take a Listen!






















  19. *All of these songs can be found on YouTube

        *Here’s where I got the image from: http://boardinghousechicago.com/dine/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/happy-thanksgiving.jpg