Creating my own website today was easier than I thought! This experience in class honestly made me think about my future and what steps I should be taking. Creating this blog/ website can, and probably will be, use within my portfolio.

Now that I have created this platform for myself, I am wondering what my focus should be with my site. Should I share what does on in my everyday life, the things that I love, food, or new projects that I am coming up with. There are so many options to choose from. My goal for this week is to focus on making that decision and to construct something amazing!

When you are starving in class so you make an animation about donuts

During class I could not stop thinking about how hungry I was. That morning I skipped breakfast so I would not be late for class, and I did not have time to pick up anything from the store. Likewise, I chose this image as an animation because I have the craziest sweet tooth, plus I have never witnessed a drink so delicious.

Even though this is not my first time using Photoshop, it was my first time creation a GIF on it. For the assignment I did struggle quite a bit. The most challenging part of creating this animation design for me was being able to turn all the images I saved into a GIF. I had forgotten what to press. But with the help of a classmate we figured it out together.


First Day Reactions!

Anybody that knows Kelsey personally knows I HATE to wake up early!!!!!  Even though I have realized it is good to start the day early, I have always been an evening and night person. So when my alarm went off at 8:15 I was instantly cranky and sad.

This was my reaction when the professor Ryan went through the syllabus and spoke on what he expects from each student. I began to feel less cranky and tired, and completely interested in what this course had to offer.

At the end of class, I was excited to start this new journey of blogging and receiving more knowledge about how I can express myself better through media using tools I have never used. I cannot wait for the rest of this semester!


Humanitarians Make Me Happy

In my 21 years of living, I have came to the conclusion that a lot of things make me happy. Whether it be thought of love, my family, my friends, food, TV shows/movies, music and more. There is nothing like seeing people take their time to help and aid someone when they do not have to.

With Hurricane Harvey demolishing homes and destroying families, we, the viewers, witness people assisting each other and giving back during this time, no matter the age or race. We see people coming together as one, having a shoulder to lean on.  Even USA Today published a video of humanitarian efforts on this devastating hurricane, displaying the actions actions of care.

We see celebrities like Beyonce giving food to Hurricane Harvey survivors while other celebrities donating money, and essential products.