Adele’s new song/video “Hello” came out and I couldn’t be happier so I decided to make a post about it. Also to post the some of the remixes I found from blogs I follow on Instagram.

Because of the stir of the song/ video even Lionel Richie got into the mixing that his fans created because he also ha a song by the name of Hello. Here is a live version of Lionel’s “Hello”.

Lionel posted a side by side on his instagram page of him and Adele.

HELLO @adele is it me you're looking for… πŸ“ž #hello

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Here is the remix with both him and Adele.

☎️😦 #hello @adele

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While browsing I found a couple funny remixes. See below.

Hello I can't stop watching this somebody please help me πŸ“ž #obsessed

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IΒ  also made a post on my website of the video as it goes well with my theme and images I chose for my page.

Caught Red Handed

The face you make when you come home to your dog tearing the house apart. Found on Instagram and thought the picture matches the reaction a person would have walking into their house to the family dog destroying their valuables then rushing them.

Saw this video on Instagram and the thought of catching someone red handed came to mind. IΒ  used imgur to shorten the video so i could get the reaction I wanted. http://

The Hypocrisy of a Lunatic

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The fact that his entire life is a contradiction but he thrives to make people whom are less fortunate not benefit from the many opportunities this country has to offer. Something to really think about.