Murder Super cut

After a long struggle with this super cut assignment I finally got it right. This is a compilation scenes from the tv show How To Get Away With Murder with musical tracks about murder. That top post is the first super cut I did but with a little advice from Professor Smith I went back… Continue reading Murder Super cut

Final Day

When i first started this course i was a bit nervous about the expectations of others but with the amount of knowledge that i have gained within the five 5 months of me living in this country im happy i took the chance to experience this course. Feeling very overwhelmed with all that I had… Continue reading Final Day

Copyright Issues!

With the way technology is evolving in this new era people are becoming more aware of the consequences they may face if they are not careful when using social media. People¬†are careful in certain aspects but many are not aware of the copyright laws that exist, because people still fail to read the fine prints.… Continue reading Copyright Issues!


Being an Art lover I had to find something that interests me so here is what I found. Here are some series of Rockwell’s Thanksgiving. Rockwell’s Lego Thanksgiving Rockwell’s Simpsons Thanksgiving Rockwell’s Modern Family Thanksgiving Rockwell’s Thanksgiving Painting ¬† This has been one of my favorites to see the different depictions of Rockwell’s Thanksgiving. All… Continue reading Parodies