The Story of Aaron Swartz

I chose to watch the documentary on Aaron Swartz “The Internet’s Own Boy”. I would like to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the film it was well put together and kept my interest from beginning to end. Aaron in my opinion was a genius from birth you could just tell from the footage from when he was a child they were able to include in this film.


While watching this documentary I came across the moment I believe was an important idea in Aaron’s life as programmer. The moment in the film where he’s being interviewed and he’s talking directly into the camera. At exactly 11:49 in this film he speaks about school and how he felt about the school system, the education system and the professors. Aaron started to question everything. He said “Once I started questioning the school I was in, I started questioning the society that built the school, I questioned the businesses that the school was training people for and the government that set up this whole structure.”

Once he began questioning these subjects he made up his mind to drop out of school. I feel like this was an important idea in his life because dropping out of school can be a big deal for most people. He was just simply too smart for school he thought that everything he was learning in school he could have just read in a book and he wasn’t interested in what they were teaching him. He didn’t care about American History he wanted to know about the web. Again I feel like this was an important time in his life because it probably was the best decision he’s probably made in his life and its quite ironic that something like dropping out of school can actually benefit you.


GIF the Portrait

FullSizeRender IMG_3465

For this assignment I chose a tattoo artist from LA who’s known by the name of Tana. I chose him because his work motivates me. I think of the him as the male version of myself. Someday I would like to become a liscensed tattoo artist, move to LA and even have my own clothing. He also is involved a lot with fashion aside from being a tattoo artist. His work as a tattoo artist is pretty dope and pushes me to improve my drawings. The portrait to the left is an image of the artist himself that i started with as a base for this project. The portrait on the right is the finished product. I basically used different portraits of him and cut them up, repositioned them and put them back together to create a new image of Tana.

Here’s a Vine post that I created in the process. Here’s the link.

To continue about this project I also posted the image on Instagram and tagged tana so that my followers could know who was in the actual picture. I honestly didn’t think he would even notice it because you know how hectic social networking can be for famous people. And he didn’t only see my post but he also REPOSTED it! This was very exciting because I really look up to this guy.


My Progress

So far I word have to say my best work would have to be my first post. I say this because it was basically an introduction about me and what I love to do I also got a lot of great feed back and comments on my post. My worst work would probably be my last post where I couldn’t get my GIF to work on my post. When I first came to this class the professor was basically explaining to the class the grading system. I thought it was pretty cool and fair enough, it gives a lot of choices for you to get the assignments of your choice done and pass with a decent grade. I thought yeah this will be an easy A but I was wrong.



Because their is a lot of space to pick and choose from the assignments you want to do I havent really been taking this class as serious as I should. Well I believe I still have a chance of passing this class I haven’t lost all hope as of yet. I’ve just got backed up with my assignments and I haven’t been getting them done on time.

butbaeMy progress on a scale from 1-5 I believe that I’m stuck in the middle of 2 and three work wise. I want to be at 5 where I would have majority of my work done and completed on time. My motivation in this class to get what I need to get done is actually my classmates work and what they’ve managed to get done.

What is copyright?

Copyright is the legal right given to those who create an original work allowing them to do what they like with it. The main purpose there is such thing as a copyright is so that you can protect your work. When you copyright your work no one can say your work is theirs. Web users should always be thinking about copyright. As individuals we all have some sort of creativity in us and being aware about copyright you can protect all of your ideas. “Fair Use” is a copyright law fair that limits the use of copyrighted material without permission from the persons who work it is.

Screenshot 2014-10-06 12.32.39

Larry Lessig said, “Common sense a rare idea in the law.” as the audience laughed. This quote stood out to me because not everyone has common sense. And I’m assuming from  this quote the law simply overpasses common sense. They make things extra when most times its just common sense.


And Jesus will survive, above is a gif that I created from Larry Lessig’s talk Laws that choke creativity.