Final Salutations to CT101

Can you guys believe it? We made it through another semester ya’ll!

I would like to now dive into everything I’ve learned so far in CT101. So in the beginning of the semester I really had no idea what I would be doing in Digital Storytelling. To be totally honest, I wasn’t even sure what “digital storytelling was” but I was optimistic because Professor Michael Brown had raved about Ryan (and rightfully so)

The first thing I can remember was learning how to make different memes for class. I remember thinking, “lol a college student making memes, seems legit”. The first actual meme I made on Photoshop included Beyoncé (obviously) here it is:

I also created these memes on a meme-making website:

Then we had our first group project which consisted of a small group of us creating optical illusions with the panorama feature on our phones. Here was my group’s results:

I think this was my favorite activity because it required all of us in the group to use our heads and come up with something creative and realistic. Usually I don’t like doing group work but this activity was fun and required us to actually think!

What I enjoyed the most from CT101 was the fact that there was something for everybody. When I say this I mean that we could all express ourselves in this class more than we would’ve in a history class or calculus class. We were able to use our own words to talk about the things that mattered to us the most! Which is something you don’t get to do very often and get college credit for.

Overall, I believe I deserve an A+ in this class and I say this for several reasons. Firstly, I have written multiple blog posts on the CT101 website and all have incorporate one or more things that I’ve learned in this class including gifs, hyperlinks, and memes that included lengthy word posts. Secondly, I’ve commented on multiple people’s posts in order to engage with my fellow classmates while providing constructive criticism on their work. Lastly, I truly tried my best when it came to this class. I came in not knowing much about Digital Storytelling but I now leave this class a more informed student with tools that’ll make me a better digital writer.

Now we move on to my website:

My website is:

Here is a screenshot of the home page:

On this website I have three different posts where I talk about the inspiration of the name of my site, what my intentions for the site are, and another random post about horror movies. I tried to use a template because I wanted to give my site some form of individuality.

Here is a screenshot of the horror movie post:

However, using a template was frustrating because I felt limited by the predesigned structure of each blog post. 

I also struggled with the concept of the blog, but I ultimately decided to use it to talk about whatever interests I had. I don’t think I will continue updating and writing on my website because it’s not my preferred method of digital storytelling. I am most comfortable on other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter.

However I did really enjoy trying out something new, I had never worked with a blog like WordPress. It felt great to have the freedom of writing whatever my heart desired without being limited to 140 characters or feeling pressured to post something for “likes”. It was liberating to know that I have my own little corner on the internet where nobody could judge the content I posted. It’s equivalent to the feeling of Abraham Maslow’s self-actualization (in the Hierarchy of Needs): although my blog isn’t gonna earn tons of views or even benefit me financially, it felt good to have a platform for my voice only.

I wanna give a big thank you to Mr. Ryan Seslow for being such a dope educator. Thank you for allowing us to be ourselves and helping give us a voice through DS101.

To everyone else in the class, it was a pleasure to meet everyone and I enjoyed the time we shared together, no matter how small it may have been. I hope to see some of you around campus! Thank you for making this class enjoyable and thank you for being yourselves.

Goodbye CT101, the greatest course I’ve ever known❤️

Blog Description + Link :)

First of all I would like to say I hope everyone has found themselves and their family in good health during this pandemic. I know it’s been rough but there’s always a light at the end of a tunnel.❤️

I miss all of the class like crazy and I wish we could be doing these final posts in a classroom setting with another. I wanted to make this post to link my website. I’ve come to conclusion that I’m going to use my blog as a place to just talk about what’s new that I found to be interesting or funny and figured it was worth sharing with my classmates.

So far on my website, I have three different posts so feel free to comment on any of those or give recommendations about what content I should provide there.

I know it’s been tough but hopefully we can recieve some type of normalcy in the near future. Also, the semesters is almost over guys!!! WE GOT THIS!!

COVID-19’s Impact

This is a topic that is hard to talk about because it almost seems as if everyday we’re learning new things about the virus. Various news outlets, talk shows, and government officials are coming out with new information that contradicts previously accepted theories or brand new revelations as numbers of cases climb throughout the world.


It’s overwhelming.

I think the world collectively didn’t think anything of it at first. Of course we  knew it existed and  but I think we truly underestimated just how far their virus’ reach was. I distinctly remember seeing various memes about the corona virus somewhere around mid-January.

Although the epicenter of COVID-19 is millions of miles away from where I’m sitting right now it has still effected many around me, even individuals that I know personally. It was a stark reminder that we are all connected one way or another. We come from different families and we look different and speak of myriad of languages but somehow we are all the same at the end of the day. 

As far as all my classes being shifted online, at first I was very upset. I am a very stubborn person, I’m very aware of this and so naturally this change didn’t sit well with me.

However, many professors have been super understanding so I haven’t been as nervous or anxious. It’s also good to keep in mind that this is a big shift for professors as well. This is a time where we all need to be understanding of one another. Kindness and patience are free and go a long way!

During these scary times, I think it’s also important to stress some positivities we can find during these times. For one, this may change the way the United States prepares for another pandemic virus. Should we ever encounter something like this again, I feel all of us will be more prepared which in effect will qualm mass hysteria and panic from spreading.

I think this is also a great time for cities like New York to come to a standstill and not get caught up in the bustle of things. Many people are able to work from home so the use of MTA and Uber has plummeted greatly. Everyone can stop, close their eyes, and just take a second to live in the moment. The city may finally be able to rest for a while.

  To conclude this post, I just want to wish safety and health for everyone and their families. Please cherish the moments with those around you and remember to social distance and wash your hands! That is all for now and I hope to hear from some of you!



I can’t copy that, right?

Lol you seen what I did there with the title?



Anywho, I wanted to talk about the assignment at hand: Copyright and Fair Use. My current understanding is that a piece of copyrighted material whether it be a book, song, or movie, if to be used by someone who isn’t the copyright owner, has to be transformative in some type of way. I guess the tricky thing is, something being accepted as “transformative” can be subjective to whoever is viewing the work.

So what can be considered “transformative”?

In my opinion, for something to be transformative is has to teaching something totally different, or creating a whole new project with some form   of inspiration while not relying too heavily on the original content at hand.

I decided to watch the video Everything is a Remix. I’m happy I watched this video because I love videos that break down into the details about different movies. If you also chose this video and enjoyed it, a Youtube Channel that I recommend  is Cinema Sins. They point out little inconsistencies/errors throughout a movie’s plot or shots and things like that. It’ll be the smallest details they point out, for example like a movie character saying it’s 4:45PM but in the next shot the clock is at 2:10PM. Like, STUPIDLY minuscule details. It’s quite entertaining.

One thing that I found interesting in the video is the formula they put forth for the current “remix culture” that has consumed many movies that have come out over the years, dating back as early as the 80’s. The process of copying a theme, idea, or visual that currently exists (in this case it would be  those in movies), transforming that idea into a whole new idea or theme, and then combining the two. They also present the current issue with many “remixed” movies in that they focus too heavily on copying and not transforming, so in the end the movie be seen an unoriginal, predictable, and overall just really stale.

Which in turn, makes US movie watchers be like

A video that I want to recommend is one from a favorite Youtuber of mine, Mista GG.

In the video, Mista GG talks about what’s going on in the TCAP community on Youtube. TCAP stands for To Catch A Predator, the NBC show that featured Chris Hansen catching men that tried to engage in inappropriate behavior with minors. The men were caught through the use of sting operations, in which the men thought they were meeting up with minors with the intent of some sexual activity. The show had a few seasons and sting operations were held in various different states. In the video, Mista GG goes on to talk about how Chris Hansen and his team of partners were systematically striking down certain youtuber’s videos and even some of their channels by claiming false copyrights on their videos. It’s a pretty interesting video that I recommend for anyone interested in Youtube sphere of fair use and copyright.

Or if you wanna just show Mista GG (or CinemaSins) some love, that’s cool too

FYI *there is come cursing throughout the video so if you’re not into that, this video may not be for you*


Panorama Clones

So for this assignment, Ryan made up the class break intro groups so we can take pictures using the Panorama camera effect on our phones. Not gonna lie when I first found out that we were going to be taking pictures and working with groups at first I was like

But when my group and I formed and we started brainstorming for ideas and it wasn’t so bad. At first we came up with this complicated idea of taking one panorama photo depicting us and our feelings for each of the days. It sounded like a good idea until we actually tried it and we all looked at each other with confusion

We had to think outside of the box while still remaining practical for the assignment at hand. It soon became understood by all the group mates that assignment would take trial and error before we found something that we all liked.

This was our finishing product:

This picture was supposed show us playing a game of rock-paper-scissors and tbh I think this shot came out pretty dope. There isn’t too much warping in the ceiling or flooring so it looks believable. Also you get the far shot down the rest of the hallway. This assignment was fun because we all had to utilize our minds and clever camera tricks to make this picture possible.