This video made my day when i saw it, is too funny 🙂

Oh Lydia the Tattooed Lady

I really like creating animated Gif, the idea for this one came from ds106 Assignments, were I needed to create a Muppet Gift from a scene. The video on YouTube  is really funny and this part of the video is one of my favorites.

My Beyonce Gif

I created this animated Gif from one my favorite song of Beyonce Run the World (Girls). The idea of this assignment came from ds106 Assignments.

Gif of Portrait

This is my Gif to portrait, It took me a while to think of two people the inspire me to make this portrait, instead I decided to do my two favorite movie actors to see how it might look. I use 8 black and white image and 6 color images of both Adam Sandler and… Continue reading Gif of Portrait

CT101 Digital Storytelling