WAO!! Final Post

Today was a perfect day to start of the summer vacation for CUNY students.

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I am so exited for the summer, and this will be my final blog post for the CT 101 class, although i plan to continue working on my blog (go check it out guys). This journey has been amazing, i have learned so much about creating a digital identity. I have worked on great projects and blog posts. My top three post where Working with Sound which I had a lot of fun creating with the class, the next one was Lights Out and last one of my first posts Welcome the Weekend.

I learned how to work with imgur, pr, photoshop and many other media editing sources that helped me make my blog so cool.


Sunset’s Love ?❤?


I am a big fan of nature, and i love taking pictures of nature elements. i believe this is the best picture of the sunset i have ever taken. This picture was taken on Bushwick Playground In Brooklyn. This was last year on Earth Day, so i thought that it would be cool to commemorate mother nature with a little tribute to her perfect work. I remember it being a rainy day (personally my favorite days are gray days) I like to tell people what might be a gray day to you is a sunny day to me.

Welcome THE WEEKEND! ?


Everyone gets exited for the weekend!!!

Your able to create similar videos on Instapost. Its a very cool app where you can insert your own videos or create on from scratch. It lets you edit pieces, add music, write posts and even add emojies.

What greater way to show this by posting something about the weekend!