See ya later CT101!

Well CT 101… it’s been real

I enjoyed reading all the posts everyone has posted. I’m going to miss seeing all the humorous and creative posts everyone has made. These have been the best few weeks I’ve ever had in a class. I loved having to use these computer programs to create our work also CT 101 has taught me new and creative ways to write and create posts. For more content by me you can check me out @


The First Day of CT101

I already had high expectations for this class because my friend had this last semester and had nothing but good things to say.

I’ve always been interested in computer technology so I had a feeling I would enjoy the class. But when I had to wake up in the morning I was like…

I didn’t miss waking up early in the morning for school, but I had to drag myself out of bed anyways to get to class on time. 

Walking into York I felt like I haven’t been in the school building in so long. I couldn’t find the room so I panicked a bit.

I finally found it and I sat down at the first computer I saw as I waited for class to begin. When professor Ryan showed us the website, I saw some of the posts and saw how amazing  and funny the posts were.

Hearing Ryan tell us that we should have fun in this class and to take our time perfecting our posts made me feel at ease. I tend to be a perfectionist so being able to take my time for our assignments was a big relief for me.

I’m excited for the things I will learn in this class! I think this will be my favorite class.

Are Memes Art?

I love memes I can always count on Instagram and Facebook to find good memes that can make me laugh. Every time I see a funny meme I always think “who comes up with these?” I think it takes creativity to make a meme people can relate to and to laugh at.  

Since making a meme takes creativity, shouldn’t it be considered art? Here’s a meme that I made about CT 101. 

Some people might say memes aren’t art because they don’t take very long to make. However, I think memes are art because memes are a creative way to convey a message. Memes are usually made to relate to many people or to make people laugh. People are even turning memes into movies like the Grumpy cat. People even redraw memes like the Rolf meme from the show Ed Edd n Eddy. 


Look at how this person transformed this Rolf meme by adding a wig. This person changed this meme to relate to a specific group. This kind of reminds me of an artist that redrew the Mona Lisa as a black woman.  Transforming a famous piece to make it new and unique is an art, memes are similar to that because people make new memes everyday.

Art is supposed to make you feel something and it’s supposed to be shareable, all things that memes are! Memes are a new form of art and they’re here to stay.

This is What’s Making Me Happy

On July 3rd 2019, Halle Bailey was casted as Ariel for the live action The Little Mermaid ! Halle Bailey and her sister Chloe Bailey started off as Queen Beys’s proteges after being discovered by their singing covers on YouTube. Now they are actresses/singers starring in shows like Grown-ish and they even wrote the theme song for the show! When Halle Bailey was officially announced as Ariel in the upcoming live action Disney movie The Little Mermaid I was thrilled!

(That’s her in the black shirt!)

I was so thrilled not only because I am totally in love and obsessed with Disney, But also because Halle is so talented and the little black girl in me is internally happy dancing!

As a child I’ve always loved Disney and all its movies, shows, and Disney World is still my favorite place to go to on vacation. I would dream of being one of the princesses that work at Disney, but before Princess Tiana all of the princesses were white. I thought I would never be a princess because I wasn’t white. I always wanted a princess that looked like me. That’s why I think Halle Bailey being Ariel gave me so much joy because representation in the media matters so much, other little black girls need to feel like princesses too. I have no doubt in my mind that Halle will be a wonderful Ariel and I will be first in line to watch The Little Mermaid.