Final CT 101 Post-Justin

  How I felt during quarantine
So here we go the final CT 101 post and I’m sad to say that this is the last time I’ll posting here and I’m gonna miss this class!

So for starters I learned a lot about myself in this class, I learned to not define myself by a grade, I learned about my work ethic, and I learned how fun it was to just let loose and be more creative. I’m naturally a creative person but sometimes school makes me forget that I’m glad I listened to my friends and decided to take this course I mean I needed the elective anyways.

CT 101 at home wasn’t as goodCT 101 at home wasn’t as good

In all honesty CT 101 was so much fun when we were on campus… once quarantine hit it was a disaster! My WiFi did not work for weeks! I missed so many zoom classes and I wasn’t able to make my website but I do have a WordPress I’ve used for years now so I can’t how it works for the most part. This class was a lot more enjoyable at school it sucks that period of enjoyment was short lived as I made wonderful friends there too.

How I felt taking online courses…  

But I don’t want to focus on the bad parts of the quarantine because before the quarantine everything was going pretty well so I want to remember those times…


These panoramic pictures made me so happy I made new friends and they were so much fun to do! I will always look back at those times with happiness and joy I actually so much fun in class and I usually never say that! So to see how we were all laughing and having a good time before the final product it made me happy. These are the moments that I’ll remember CT 101 for.


Above is one of my first memes and I’m still not over the fact that the Professor told us that we can call him on the first name basis that took me by surprise!

Another meme I made and I still find this to be true the class did not seem real like we just make memes all day? Unreal!

And finally the weirdest part stating what grade and I will get this is hard to say. I’m always hard on myself even if I do an excellent job on a class so all I can say is that I think I deserve a B. I wouldn’t ask for an A that’s a bit crazy for me I don’t know I never asked for my grade before. But as far as this class is concerned I was always on time, I really enjoyed my time in this class, and I really hate that it had to be cut short but hey I’m not alone. I’ll miss CT 101 it’s been real everyone!

COVID-19- before the madness.

I’m so furious every day there’s something new about the Corona Virus and it’s so frustrating I miss when my news wasn’t about a disease. I miss school I hate to admit it I do.

So I wanted to do something different I wanted to like a highlight of what I loved about CT 101 so far to remember a time when this wasn’t happening.

I mostly made basic memes because I’m basic but I loved how my first post was just a picture of me that I loved making me look conceited.

Also I miss all the new friends I made here in this class!!

Here’s a pic from the panoramic assignment that we didn’t use.

I hope this all ends soon.


Everything is a Remix

So I saw the “Everything Is a Remix” video and it made the same points that the movie snob in me has made. Which makes me laugh.

Everything is inspired by something I learned that from our class and other classes as well. The whole “Stars Wars: A New Hope” and “Star Wars:The Force Awakens” comparison is top spot on it hurts I mean they are literally the same film.

One film that really bothers me cause it’s such a ripoff is the movie “Echo” because oh my goodness it’s the same thing as “E.T.” It’s so upsetting I hate to watch it but it goes to show that the everything truly is a remix everything draws inspiration from something and that’s just the way things are.

I hate to bash on it because I’m sure the filmmakers just love “E.T” so they wanted to recreate the same magic but “Earth To Echo” is a prime example where the remix is not always an improved version of the original. I could not stop thinking about this while watching the videos.

One last thing the song I hated the most last year that was everyone else’s favorite song was “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and the remix was actually more popular than the original.

This meme I found represents the madness of the memes and I hated each one more than the last one but anyways yes everything we love is a remix thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Paño Story

This picture took multiple try’s and me and the group tried many different scenarios so it was satisfying to come up with this perfect end result.

What I loved about working on this post was the fact that we all had a few laughs it was actually fun to fail which is something I can’t say about most of my classes unfortunately.

I’ve never taken pano pictures before but it was great to see how the process and to also see this pictures come into fruition.

Ugh I want to upload the other ones but not without my groups permission so I’ll just stick with the one we decided on as a group. The good thing I like this pic too.

I wish I can come up with some cool fantasy epic or horror tale to accompany this photo but as a journalist I’ll just stick to the boring old facts.

Memes CT101

this is one of my favorite memes right now I love Billie Eilish and her reaction here was priceless definitely one that won’t get old anytime soon. This class is literally like nothing I’ve ever taken before. I mean which Professor tells you to make memes? It’s insane!! But anyways here’s a few fun memes I made for class.

this is a big meme from the NBA All Star games from like two weeks I believe this one is a modern classic already. As soon as I saw this pic on Twitter I had to save it and use it for my own benefits.

This one seems so weak I wasn’t hesitant to share it but for my meme gallery I have set up here I wanted to share another one of my all time favorites right now. This meme of Tom Hanks is perfect it’s so funny with the golden globes story attached and without. The caption I made does actually capture what I feel about the class of CT 101.