Individualism vs.Ubuntu


Ubuntu- “I am what I am because of who we all are”

Individualism an Anglo-Saxon, American, value, championed by many individuals, is not married to the experiences of actual achievement of goals. Individuals seldom accomplish their hopes, dreams, and goals without the prior sacrifices, efforts, or contributions of someone other than themselves.
For example, America and the world celebrated the historic election of the first black president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. However, the opportunity to celebrate such a momentous occasion would not have been possible without the sacrifices of the men and women of the civil rights movement.
In summary, the African philosophy of Ubuntu rejects individualism and selfishness. Ubuntu embodies the idea that achievement and success are accomplished in the context of a shared community. For example, learning how to build a knowledge base and understanding in CT101 requires the willingness of your peers to think Ubuntu- I am a what I am [successful student] because of who we all are.

Ubuntu- “I am what I am because of who we all are”

Really:Are Memes Art?

The look you have when someone mistakes this for art.

With all due respect to the various opinions on the topic of Memes as artistic works currently in the blogosphere. I agree in part with some of the sentiments expressed in the article by Knibbs (2013).

However, the idea that all memes are equal would be the equivalent of arguing that the use of words by individuals communicates ideas. Memes are situational expressions. Not all memes rise to the standard of artistic “aura” Knibbs (2013).

Memes are expressions of an individual thought; in many respects, memes are the shorthand of the brain. It allows the user to convey a thought that would otherwise require long complex sentence structures. The consequences of overuse of memes as thought expression could potentially be the inability use written text to convey a meaningful expression of thought.

However, I agree that certain classes of memes have artistic value.

Headache2 my first GIF

WOW! The presidency ages the occupants of the office. It is a hard job that requires an iinvestment

of time and energy. In similar fashion, learning how to create a Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) during a class session with fellow students, also learning themselves can be extremely stressful. I was completely lost during the presentation.

However, despite my frustration I was determined to get my head wrapped around this project. My brain processes information in a visual linear style of learning; I have to see the steps while performing the action. I would like to list the steps that I performed to produced the image you are viewing hopefully, these steps will help reinforce what I learned, deepen my understanding, and promote self-confidence. The steps performed are as follows:

  1. Open new document in photo shop because another student’s work may be open or set to previous settings.
  2. Change pixels to inches.
  3. change the width to 8″ and Height 10″  according to Professor Ryan a “headshot is 8×10″(Seslow, R personal communication February 27, 2018)
  4. change the resolution to 72
  5. Color mode should be set to RGB
  6. Hit create button
  7. Go to browser/portraits
  8. select tools * size/ select large
  9. Choose an image that is looking directly at you, one that is not cropped.
  10. select/save image as / save to desktop
  11. File/ open image
  12. Edit/ crop image/save image as
  13. Click on layer  *right hand side of Photoshop screen
  14. Edit/adjustments/hue saturaton
  15. repeat steps 13 and 14 to create several different layers
  16. File/script/load files into stack
  17. browser/select first image/press shift/ select last image in stack
  18. return to layer tab to select all images/select drop down menu box in upper right hand corner/ select automation/automatic
  19. select create frame animation
  20. select dialogue box in the lower right hand corner/make frames from layers
  21. timeline/select forever/play
  22. file/Export/save for Web/GIF

I hope this was helpful. I would like to thank my fellow classmate, Taitatiana for her help.

Smile: Eagles Defeat Brady&Bill

Happy Days Are Here: The Eagles Fly High Over Patriots in Super Bowl LII

The reason why I am happy is because my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, won Super bowl LII. The victory against the New England Patriots was sweet revenge for Eagles fans, such as myself that experienced the agony of defeat in Super Bowl XXXIX fourteen years ago. The Lombardi trophy represented the Eagles dedication to hard work. The road to the Super Bowl LII began in 2016 when Philadelphia Eagles announced Doug Pederson as the new Head coach. Doug Pederson was a welcome break- away from disastrous Chip Kelly era. I am excited to see the continued improvements the Eagles will make this off -season to its roster.

What you to say to Cowboy fans that love to mention how many Super Bowl rings their team has.