About Copyright…

So I read an article by Andy Baio called “Kind of Screwed“. The article was about a pixel art version of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” cover, which also had a chiptune version named “Kind of Bloop”. However, Baio was threatened with a lawsuit over the pixel art in February of 2010, and it was a huge problem for him and his family.

Andy Baio getting sued over the pixel art is pretty outrageous. It was just a pixel art of a cover, nothing else. If he was trying to make a profit off the cover, then I would get why he would be sued, since he would have to pay the original artist. If not, then it should be fine, as long as the original gave him permission.

My website

I made my own website a few weeks ago. However, the site is still in development right now, but you can check it out right here:


Overall, It’s progress for me.I am still thinking on what my blog should be about, but I already have a good idea on what it should be: The pros and cons of the gaming industry, the gaming community in general, and our lives in gaming.