Memes are Art!

Memes are art. Every meme I’ve came across on the internet has evoke an emotion out of me. There are memes that are so relatable  to my life regarding things I never except someone else to feel the same way about.

Meme creators generally have a vision when they’re coming up with these memes. It takes creativity and its a process to be created.

Project idea

Since it’s a new year, a new semester and I’m newly single after 9 years I really want to document how my life has been going. I looked through the assignment bank and the vlogging ideas caught my interest. I have an amazing support system around me and they make me feel blessed. I chose Take Us Through Your Day as an example because I could also use my iPhone to record a few highlights of my day to show how my friends and family keep me sane. Another assignment that inspired me was Personal Stories, I would love to make a video or blog post with pictures to tell the story of how I got to where I am today.


sparking the fire

I am really excited to see what more I will be learning from this class. I never thought of myself as a creative person but Ive realize creativity is inspired by what we choose to be around. I definitely look forward to letting this class incorporate my passions into an assignment I can expand on. I also feel very motivated because of how much personality my professor shares with the class. It doesn’t feel like hard work when you’re having fun.

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The internet as a luxury

Having a phone with access to the internet is an amazing luxury, I hope everyone around the world is able to experience in the future. One of my favorite things the internet lets me do is I get to communicate with my family all over the world. My brother lived with my grandparents in another country for 9 years. In order to talk to them I used to buy $2 or $5 phone cards to call until we both afforded computers. But the internet is this “luxury” where he lived so it took years for us to use Yahoo Messenger and Skype . I remember my mom crying when she saw his face on the computer screen for the first time. More time went by and he was able to get a phone with WiFi being available and then we moved on to WhatsApp and Facebook. Before my brother come to America, he taught my grandparents how to make and answer calls on WhatsApp. It breaks my heart that only a small percent of my family have the “luxury” of the internet.

Being in the US where internet coverage or speed isn’t at the top of our complaint list, I can use iMessage, FaceTime, Instagram and Snapchat on a everyday basis to reach out to my friends and family.

Heres one of my favorite Snaps I’ve posted.