Final Post

So for my last post, I want to say thank you for the journey. It has been a trip this semester and it means so much if anyone reads these posts. Writing has always been such a passion of mine, and I love this class because it allows me to free-form and express myself in more ways than one. My favorite post was my Eminem gif career walkthrough because I put so much hard work and effort in finding videos that truly represented him at each part of his career. It wasn’t as simple as going to his music videos because Giphy would not allow me to make gifs out of anything Vevo related. I loved the feeling when I finished something after getting an error message and to make my own gifs. I can see me using it in the future, especially as a tool for music promotion. I really felt as though I was growing and learning new skills.

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I had to find a rare performance of him and then make sure I wanted to choose a lyric that really encapsulated his whole career for every gif. This class was all about being crafty to express your thoughts and who you are. I had the most fun doing this post because it was earlier in the semester and I had ample time to flesh it out and make it as good as possible. I was frustrated doing some of the assignments like the Photoshop animation, but I felt it was an learning experience. I was always happy to try new things on the CT101 blog and when it came to my website, I highlighted my strengths and stuck to a theme in which I knew I could make great blog posts. What surprised me about this class is how inspiration can just hit you at any moment. I originally wanted to do a blog about all types of music, and at one point, thought about making one about my own music. But as Kendrick Lamar’s new album came out, I had discussions with friends and it made me want to dissect the album to see exactly what it means. I finally knew where I wanted to take my personal website.

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All my passion for music came to play as I looked at Kendrick’s music from a musical perspective and broke down his process. It always felt good to be able to use links, gifs, and so much content on the internet to tell exactly what made the album so great for me. I feel like the internet and digital media gives us tools in order for us to express ourselves and also find communities of people who feel just like us who may be in another country. I was inspired by Reddit, Rap Genius, and countless videos to come up with new ideas and talking points on the album. I realize so many people found their own stories and meanings in the album and to be able to showcase them on my blog to highlight the impact of the music was inspiring. I want a college student to do that for my own music in a CT101 class years in the future and hopefully, my music will have reached enough people where it could be possible for that student to be able to connect others and be inspired about others’ opinions on the song. It definitely a goal I will now aspire to.

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So thanks again, Professor Seslow for making a class where students have the opportunity to find their passion or learn new things with their passion. It’s important for people to be able to express themselves and this class was the best one at doing this that I’ve had at York so far. I appreciate this awesome semester and hope we all have a great summer.

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T Shirt Time

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Thanks to some inspiration from The Daily Create, and I stumbled upon this post and felt it would be cool to share some T Shirt I’ve made in the past. In my previous post, I talked about my experiences creating my first single Death Prone and I decided to turn some of the beautiful artwork into some T Shirts. My dream is to one day work with an artist on a specific clothing line in conjunction with a single release. To see people wear my work, my heart literally on their sleeve, would be something incredible for me to get inspired to make more music that relates to people’s lives. This is just a prototype but at one point, I hope to update with a post with an actual clothing line based around my music.

My new website

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So I have created my own website, thanks to the instructions of Professor Seslow. I’m excited about the opportunities I have to personalize my posts from this website. The process for this was actually harder than I thought as I had a few bugs I had to work out.

When I saw the error message, I was like…
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I had to contact the Reclaim Hosting staff in order to find out why my site would not open. But it was an experience that will be useful in the future for contacting other websites for troubleshooting. I’m not exactly sure what my website will be focused on, but I decided to style it based on my Death Prone artwork. I know I will tailor it around my creative endeavors and things i’m currently interested in that inspire me.  The name “JSamuelLifeAlt” is a reference to my new song I’m working on called Life Altering. It’s kind of a motto that I use for many things and I think it works for the tagline….

Without further ado,

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Finally got the Switch

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Yup, it’s about that time. I finally got the Switch console I’ve been waiting for since I pre-ordered in January. I’ve been saving money up for months to afford it. I have written many posts about Zelda on this blog and I have to say the game is even better than I imagined. I haven’t even scratched the surface and I’m already engrossed. There is such a relaxing freedom to it and it’s perfect to just relax and escape into it. The beauty of the Switch is that I could be studying or doing homework, take out my Switch in Handheld Mode, go on the bus, and play the system. Then I can finish my homework, and put in on the TV and play it on the big screen. My life is so much more busy than it was when i was a kid so to be able to play a game at this scale whenever i have a free moment because i can bring it anywhere is incredible. Nintendo has been a huge passion of mine and the Switch just cements how many awesome moments Nintendo has brought into my life from a kid getting his first Gameboy to now.

Here are some videos and pictures I took of my excitement of finally getting the Switch. I added a bitmoji using Snapchat to personalize it a bit 🙂

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My Zelda Supercut Montage

I’m super excited for Breath Of The Wild, the newest Zelda game. I’m going to have in 4 days. In honor of my hype, I decided to make a video montage of every console Zelda game so far. I downloaded the video off video using and then trimmed them in Quick Time Player, finally I made the montage by importing the trimmed clips in IMovie. The series has grown so much and I hope to play each game one day. You can see how the game has evolved with advancing technology.