Final Blog Post

It was truly fun while it lasted. I have learned a whole lot in this class that I have not learned previously. There were many things I have learned this semester which in no particular order include making memes, Gifs, Blogs, Symbolic storytelling, and Website creation. Honestly making memes was one of my favorites. Making memes was by far my most favorite activity. This activity is what inspired my theme for my website. Another one of my favorite activities was taking photos using the panorama feature. I had never heard or used that feature before and was always quite curious of what it was used for. Working as a group gave everyone a chance to express themselves and share ideas on where and how to take the photo. It was a really fun and engaging activity.

The discussion on the topic of “are memes art?” was quite interesting.  we all shared our opinions on the topic and came to the conclusion that anything can truly be art if it can be shared and enjoyed by many.  Copyright was also a really interesting topic we delved on. From what I have seen in the media copyright is not something to be played around with. I learned that using someone’s intellectual property without consent or negotiation can result in a lawsuit against you and the removal of said content. When it comes to blogging it is crucial to use royalty-free photos and videos as well as your own to prevent issues further down the line.

It was truly a fun ride and I cannot wait to see what else CT has for me to offer. I hope everyone is doing fine and staying safe during this pandemic.

These two photos where taken just seconds apart from each-other. We as a group achieved the impossible of being in two places at once.  As the camera man I was stunned to see how fast they got to each spot. This is less of a picture and more of an optical illusion. Unfortunately one of our group members moved at such a speed where her body began to dematerialize. Luckily I was fast enough to capture this photo, from the naked eye it was a blur.

Are Memes Art?

Are memes art? When I ask myself this question I always Think about the craziest things I have seen that people constitute as art. Things like this painting come up as an example.

To think people would think that this artwork made by famous artist Andy Warhol would constitute as fine art. If that is the case then this is also art Art to me is a form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy. There are no limitations on what art can be. As long as it creates positive connections and enjoyment among our peers. When we use our imagination anything is possible with art and that is one of the reasons why this bouncing Campbells can Gif exists.

These are some of my favorite memes As well as My meme

When I first signed up for this class I was expecting it to be fairly boring, a lot of my previous teachers have had the tendency of rambling for the full two hours putting us all to sleep.I’m glad to know that it is not the case. 

I have some prior knowledge of computers and their makeup which I believe will help me in the long run. One of the main issues I have is that at home I use a windows pc which conflicts with my experience.


To me, Mac computers are so unreliable and annoying to use it just kills my excitement for the class but not by much

Fortunately, as the weeks have gone by I have gotten way more used to it and its flaws.

Also when coming into the class I thought that we would be doing some over-complicated coding and programming but now I know.


I can’t wait to learn some new things about CT this semester.

assignment #1

Recently I discovered that the animated show that I have been watching has a website. I have been reading the book which this show was made from and found the content really interesting. The website gives good insight on the production as well as news about the show. Not many animated television shows have dedicated websites like this which made this one really fascinating to me.

There are lots of important info on the show which is not shown. One of my favorite parts of this website is the addition of character portraits showcasing the main characters of the show.

Another cool addition is the “movie” section of the website. This section shows all of the promotional videos associated with the show. There is next to no advertisements for the show outside of japan so having all of them in one area is a plus.

These are two videos from the show I would like to share with you.