Rainy day in NYC – Color Splash!

 I thought it was going to require a lot of photoshop experience to create a color splash.

But trust me it is an easy process!

Step 1- Choose your image!

Step 2-  Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1p841FcEzM

Step 3 – Save it in JPEG format : File > Export > Save for web > make sure it is in JPEG > Save









Found my new favorite show!! Awesome series with some pretty sick frames and locations. The story is about young FBI recruits training to become special agents, it shifts between the present day where a shocking terrorist attack happenes and the past where they show the training and relationships of a class of recruits at Quantico.

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Plus, the new star Priyanka Chopra is outstanding as Alex Parrish.

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