No discrimination against criminals

View post on One leg isn’t stopping him at all. My question is, How idid he plan on getting away? View post on oops, guess he didn’t get away !  

Rotoscoped Drawing

This is my first rotoscoped drawing, not really too good but I will keep practicing. Didn’t really came out how I wanted it to. But this is a image of a little girl flying her beautiful colorful kite. View post on

Getting hurt may be funny

This is a super cut video of funny things happening, while someone is getting hurt. It may not be funny to the victims, but it is funny to the audience. My favorite one, was the two mouse that was running together and one started to spin like a cd on a dj booth, while the… Continue reading Getting hurt may be funny


View post on Im obsessed with cats. But this was a video on World Star Hiphop of a dog messing with the kittens, so the mother came and attacked the dog. I never seen a cat attack a dog, and a dog actually runs. Usually its the opposite way around.

Best Sports Player, AnimatedGIFAssignments, AnimatedGIFAssignments1780

Best Sports Player – My favorite Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony #7 on the Knicks. I liked Carmelo Anthony since he was playing with the nuggets he was #15. Honestly, I really like Carmelo Anthony because he is cute. After starting to like him, I began watching basketball and all the Knicks games ever since. I… Continue reading Best Sports Player, AnimatedGIFAssignments, AnimatedGIFAssignments1780