Today I created my first vaporwave since last week I was creating content for my website that I’ll link down below! I found it super fun and easy since you can use many layers and just layer them how you’d like them.

Today I woke up super sleepy so I based my vaporwave on that, hope you guys like it! I was online looking for inspiration when I came across Vaporwave Photography a I really liked it and would want to have a photoshoot like that for my social media accounts. The link to check out vaporwave photography will be linked below! 

Website: (Check out my latest post and leave a comment!)

Vaporwave Photography: Filipino Photographer Will Teach You How To Take Aesthetic AF Vaporwave Photos

Twiggy GIF

Today I arrived late to class but I jumped right into the work. We worked on GIFs again. This time it was easier just because I remembered a lot of what we learned last week. I picked Twiggy because she is a makeup inspiration and her picture fit well for this GIF. The only hard part is knowing where all the photoshop tools are like the cropping tool and where to switch the color. Other than that todays lesson was pretty good!

Panoramic Views

Today in class I was able to learn more about the tool I’ve had on my iPhone for about a year now. I tried using it before but I never really understood it. Today I was finally able to see how it works in person and I think its a pretty cool tool to use if you’re traveling or just to have fun just because it’s so quick and simple once you get the hand of it.

The next day my friend and I were playing with this camera mode on and we realized we should use it more!