My newhive post:

Here’s my newhive post:

I didn’t have time in class to make it its own gif file, so the link to the website itself is going to have to do. I didn’t realize how quick and easy it was to do something like this. I enjoy working with newhive, and am looking forward to experimenting with it in the future. Now if only I had Photoshop on my personal computer..


I read this article today:

Kind of Screwed

I think it’s ridiculous that Andy Baio got sued by the photographer for making a pixelated art version of the Miles Davis album. I think if you’re not making a profit on it, it should be fine to do “remixes” or “covers”. If you do want to make a profit, you gotta reach a settlement with the original artist. Simple as that. They gotta get paid too. It was just a pixelated form of the album cover, if anything that’s enough work put into something to make it not copying.

Customizing My Website

All CT101 posts I’ll do here, everything else will be on my website:

This is the video I watched that helped me customize my theme:

I liked the 2015 theme better than the 2017 one, because I’m a fan of minimalism. I deleted most of the side stuff, and added just the name of this domain: MAKKGULLY.COM. I’m from Flushing, Queens, so that’s what I put under “About Me”.

MAKK GULLY is my artist name, and I’ll be using this website to share thoughts about movies, TV, and music that I currently enjoy. I’m also a Technical Theatre Major here, so once in a while I’ll share something I’m working on for a show or a song I’ve recorded.

2 Thursdays ago, I made my domain site:

I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on, but I followed Professor Ryan’s directions and the process went smoothly and more painless than I thought it would be.

I haven’t really figured out what my main purpose of this website will be, but I have a couple ideas. I guess it’ll just be about me, and my two main passions – films/TV and music.