The website is up!

After half an hour of figuring out what to do in order to make this website work with the tutorials given by our professors the site is finally up!

There’s currently nothing in the website since I just figured out how to get things working but start now I will be able to post both things from ct101 and my other projects created as a hobby!


Guy Fawkes Mask Factory

Just thought I’d share this image portraying a reading online where the article explains how the ionic Guy Fawkes mask from the movie “V for Vendetta” which symbolizes as anonymity and used in protests are mass produced and bought by consumers around the world.

I find it understandable how people use this mask for a symbol of anonymity and protest as depicted in the movie, but the way they are mass produced in factories to sell feels like it goes against the idea of fighting against the system. Since they are still buying the masks as a consumer to the very system they fight against it feels like a double edge sword to me. How do you guys feel about it?

Definitely an interesting movie if you guys haven’t checked it out go see it “V for Vendetta” (2005)

A trailer for the movie that created the iconic mask:

For the article I read here’s the link below:

Keeping your eyes open in classes

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Saw this cute little video of a baby duck passing out in someone’s class, reminds me that having classes early in the morning to late evening cause lots of difficulties staying up for those who have class since morning, thank goodness it’s Friday!

Here’s the full length video of the cute baby duck.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.