Final Blog’s Post – Soccer is fun

Final Post 

This is my final blog post. I decided to talk about soccer in this final post. because ,this particular sport is such a passion for me. This post will teach you various topics about soccer. for instance, Who invented modern soccer? How soccer actually plays?Salaries? and so forth. click Here

This Class has been so great, however we had to switch to distance learning due to the Pandemic. This class is actually a success for me.

Thank You Guys, it was pleasure working with you!

Thank You , Thank You, Thank You!!!

COV-19 pandemic

COV-19 pandemic

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This pandemic has been very scary and dangerous for anyone on earth. I get worried because i was not expected both the Pandemic spreading that quickly and all NYC school will be school. This affect my normal life, because i like to go out, exploring nature and so one. This affects my job because i was told to stayed home in quarantine due to someone had some COV-19 symptoms. Me and that individual worked the same day that he felt those symptoms. I was told that i will get paid which is not that bad. I have not feel any symptoms yet i guess.It is been my 8th day and I feel good so far no symptoms. However, as soon as i knew that i have been stayed away from members of my family that is old. because we never know if i’m a carrier of this COV-19. So, i have been stayed home taking care of myself and stay isolated as much as i can. Although, This journey is not easy to stay alone. So, beside my online classes been quite fun because i always take at least one online every semester, i decided to teach myself some computer more advance languages on udemy ( Python , Java , and SQL). It becomes more easy for me to forget a bit about the world we are living now. This what i have been doing since then!


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Conversation about Copyright

According to John Cook, Twitter has suspended temporally Gawker Media’s sports site Deadspin account by sharing GIF’s and Videos. Twitter believed this was copyright and decided to do so. additionally, Vox Media’s SB Nation was suspended as well for college football GIF’s tweeted as well.

I Agree with twitter for the temporary shut down to their account, because big industry like NFL should be respected. However, their account was being recover at some point of the day this happen.This bottom post is the most realistic way of retaliate to a case like this one:


Panoramic Pictures

Panoramic Pictures

This Panoramic picture was taken at The fine art gallery York college, located at the first floor across from Public Safety Office. We observe various awesome painting expose at the place. it such a nice collection of arts place together. In the picture, on the left side i was pointing at the TV screen and on the right side , i was looking the painting of the this nice couple.

This picture was taken at the piano room (ll03) located at the lower level York College. The left side of the picture, we was having a conversation regarding the piano lesson. whereas the right side, we was relaxing a bit.

This the Rink at Rockefeller center,Manhattan NY. This Pano picture was taken on December 25th 2017 at night time, around 10 PM. As you can see, there is a long line from the bottom to the top stairways waiting for the ice to be ready. They are still in session until April 19th in case you want to the a trip there. Here is the link  in case you decide to go! It’s fun !!!

Panoramic pictures are the best!

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