Creating our own websites!

Last Thursday, our class went on to creating our own websites. It wasn’t that hard since the professor guided us through the entire process. Making our own websites kind of reminded me of my old tumblr days where I decorated my page filled with various photos and quotes. Anyway, I’m looking forward to customizing my own site and personalizing it!

Photoshop FAIL :(

So for the past few weeks, our class had been working on editing photos with Photoshop and I have to admit that I am still SUPER confused and lost. I’m embarrassed to say but it legit took me two hours just to cut, paste, and edit the eyes of my portrait. Towards the end of this class was when I sort of got my way around this whole Photoshop process. The overall process was difficult but I’m determined to learn more and expand my photoshopping skills. Anyway, down below is a portrait of my FAVORITE model Miranda Kerr. The only thing I really did was that I took the eyes of Rihanna where I cut & pasted it onto Miranda Kerr. I wish I could’ve done more but maybe next time~~~


My feelings about this class!


To begin, I just want to start off by mentioning that I didn’t expect this course to be so carefree. I felt super relieved that it’s not one of those classes where everything simply revolves around studying and taking exams. I’m just hoping that I’ll eventually be able to express my thoughts and opinions more freely in our class blog throughout the semester.Yay to no exams!

What makes me happy post

One thing that makes me happy is makeup. As a personal hobby, I find experimenting with different makeup products to be fun and interesting. Although our society tends to judge people who applies a lot of makeup, I find makeup to be a form of art. Not all women apply makeup just to hide their flaws or feel confident. Makeup can be perceived as an artistic outlet for people to self-express themselves by being creative with bold colors and products, instead of mainly using it to gain self-confidence or boost up their self-esteem.