CT101 Final Blog Post Jenny Lam

Wow I can’t believe it, semester is ending. I really can’t take it all in. This semester has flew by.


I truly loved this class. It was so much fun, although we had to switch online, it was still so much fun to make our own websites. I have never made one. This is the feeling of making my own website. It was a bit hard but with the instructions from the video it was easy.

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I really loved this class, it not a type of class I have ever taken. I learned a lot even though we had to convert to online. I think if we were in class, we would of have learned more because Ryan has a lot to offer. In CT 101, I learned how to create and use gifs. And most importantly my website. I will continue to use my website even after this class. I want to just blog my daily life. If any of you are interested, my website is http://jenjenworld.com/

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Come visit if you bored!

Lastly, my grade I think I have earned in CT 101 is A. I honestly think the effort I put in was a lot because I am not a tech savvy person. I am honestly the last person to advice to about website, instagram or just plain gifs. I am so glad I took this class. I think I will continue taking CT classes to expand my knowledge on communication technology.

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Before the class I would really look lost like the gif. But after class I feel more confident about it.


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I will apply my new found knowledge in my website. I will update my website about my job at NYU and for the far future, my travels.  I can’t wait to travel and explore. I was suppose to go to Japan or Hawaii but I canceled both. At least I got full refunds. right? For now CT 101 Goodbye. I hope everyone is safe and sound. Be well.

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Panoramic storytelling Part 1

A little late on posting but I just been so busy with work and just everything. I hope everyone is doing okay and safe.

In class we learned how to do panoramic images on our phones. I thought it was super cool because I never knew you could do this on your phone. Before this I didn’t even ever use this feature on my phone.

Depiction of these photos that I made up are being in a friend group with everyone and the other side shows how one fight can tear up the group. I think picture depict things so meaningful. The way a person captures a picture can mean so many things. It all depends on the observer.

I’m glad I learned how to do this, I going to start using this feature when I go on travels to make my pictures look cooler.


Feelings about the class

I only have two more semester before I graduate from York College

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I was looking for a class that I would be able to learn to create something. I didn’t want another class where the professor just read off the powerpoint. My other classes, my classmates look like…

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I wanted an exciting class that I could learn about new skills like photoshop and how I could create my own website. I’m taking notes as I go. This class is going to be a lot of fun. Learning new skills and how I can improve my online presence. 

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I’m excited, in the class we are going to learn about how to create our own website, our own gifs and memes. I didn’t even know about giphy.com before this class. How not internet savvy I am. I hope to learn a lot and after the first couple classes, I’m thinking of getting a minor  in communications technology. 

This was me when I got to see giphy.com for the first time,confused tyronn lue GIF

there was so many gifs to choose from, I was so excited. I’m ready to learn!the voice happy dance GIF by NBC

Are memes art?

With today’s society, I think memes have become a huge part of how an individual expresses themselves, it helps an individual show they feel. As time goes, technology is growing rapidly and especially with really advanced apps and machines. With the media, memes are an impact in the online world. I really enjoy memes. It is a way for me to let someone know how I feel without having to say anything. Art is considered a way to express emotion and feeling. You can be very creative with memes because each person interprets art in a different way. This is why I feel memes are considered art. Memes are expressions within an image. 


What Makes Me Happy

What I love the most about the internet, is being able to live through others. For instance, if you want to travel but can’t afford it at the moment, on social media platforms, I’m able to see how other travels. I can look at other eat foods, I have never eaten before. My favorite videos on YouTube are the mukbang videos. Mukbang is a Korean term and it started when a youtuber ate in front of the camera and recorded it. I guess it gives you comfort if you eat alone, you could get a sense of eating with someone else. But for me it’s really just craving food but at the moment, I’m on a diet so I can’t have certain food. But On my cheat days, I eat what I craved the most from the mukbang videos. My favorite mukbanger is Stephanie Soo at the moment. She makes me jealous, she can eat and eat and never gain the weight.

When I’m bored or when I can’t fall asleep, I watch these travel/food youtubers to see where I can potentially go someday or what I can eat. Youtube has become my go to entertainment center.