Today’s class was a real whirlwind! We actually went ahead and created our own websites!

Here is a link to MY website.

We went through a website called “Reclaim Hosting” and went through the process of creating our own Domain names, installing WordPress, and customizing the website.

It’s actually a blog that I can post anything on. I could even post pictures on the process of growing a plant and no one can say a thing!

So, make sure you check it out!

A Website!?

Wait! You mean to tell me I am being entrusted with my own website?!

The power that is being bestowed upon me!

Haha Just kidding (Not Really).

Bust seriously, there are so many things one can do with their own website. One can, make a blog, sell things or just go on an extremely long rant.

I plan to make my website contain a few things. I want it to be a personal blog, a place to rant and a place to just post fun things I have been doing in class. It is not meant to be a site that everyone avoids. I want it to be relatable.


A secret…………. I wanted to create my own social media site and become the next Steve Jobs.

Photoshop Magic- Assignment 5

This is the finished product of my assignment today! Unlike the other few projects we have done, this one was a tad more difficult to complete. Maybe its because I am not too tech savvy or maybe its because I didn’t do something right. The world may never know.

It all started with choosing a portrait of the person of my choice. I couldn’t think of anyone but MLK. After choosing the photo, we had to open Photoshop and create this large white box for the photo to be put in. After that, we played around with editing the photo several times and saving it to end up with about 5 photos. After a few clicks of the mouse, you animate it and BOOM, finished product.

It was fun to do, but frustrating when the problems set in. You should expect problems though, especially when dealing with art.

If you try to say that memes aren’t art, visit my blogpost.