What’s Wrong Bradley

This week, we continued playing with Gif and yet again, I am amazed by the power of Photoshop. I wish I had played with Photoshop earlier in my life but, I guess it is better late then never.

The Gif I made involved smoke and Bradley Cooper. I call it Passive Aggressive Bradley. You can take a look below:

Making this Gif wasn’t hard but did take some amount of time. However, the time was worth it because I learned more about the power of Photoshop. I look forward to the next topic we’ll learn about Digital Storytelling.

Week 2: My Reaction

This class is AMAZING, so far. I look forward to what we will be learning in the coming weeks. I am truly excited about the projects I will be creating and the different projects I will be seeing. I can see this class allowing me to, not only express my creativity, but also to improve on it. So, with that being said…

As for the other assignment, I wasn’t able to partner up with another student in class and discuss the two projects I would like to do because of the painful internet connection at the school.

However, I was able to think of two projects I would like to do.

Project #1 -> This project will be a blog series and I do believe I have the necessary skills to work on this blog series. The blog series will tell the stories of ordinary people doing impactful things. The reason I chose to do this project is because we live in a world where everyone has a story. So, this blog series will be telling the stories of day-to-day people doing things that are helping a community. To do this project, I will need a blogging platform and a website. I was thinking about using medium.com to post the series there so I can get an audience and once I obtain an audience, I will start posting the series onto a website. I would like to post a story each week or two but as I delve into it, I can see each story taking more time than a week or two to post.

Project #2 -> This project will be a comic series that help motivates young individuals to pursue tech and programming. In order to do this project, I will need to learn how to draw and I will need to learn fundamental of how to create comic stripes online. However, with much practice, I do believe I will be able to deliver this project in a timely manner.

With these two projects, I will be able to amend my storytelling skills which is an important skill. People loves stories and if you are able to tell a story that catches people attention, you will be able to influence many individuals.

Week 1: Let’s Begin with a Gif & a Happy Post

This week class was very interesting and was a great introduction of the course. I look forward to the rest of the semester and can’t wait for what exciting projects we will be creating.

So, a little about myself. As much as I think Gifs are cool and funny and are great ways of expressing opinions,

Storks GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

I really love using Bitmoji. 

For those who never use Bitmoji, my only question is…


Bitmoji are amazing! However, I am sure there are reasons for not using it. But, if no reason exist, perhaps some thought should go into using it as a way to express the way you feel or as a representation of who you are, online.

For those who do not know what is a Bitmoji,…

Bitmoji is a personal emoji that can PERFECTLY represent you or express the way you feel at any moment, so I think. As for this post, Bitmoji are basically my “making me happy” post.  I used Bitmoji for many reasons. But mostly to represent me virtual/online…

 Meaning, I use Bitmoji as profile pictures to the few social media I have. In conclusion, when I use Bitmoji, I feel like this “cool cat” below.

Such a cool cat.

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