Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone

Seeing an actor like Zoe Saldana do such a great job representing herself and your community is a feeling like no other. Being multiracial there are very few depictions or accurate representations that one can relate to.


That said, there are many actors out there that would play an awesome Nina Simone without having to commit blackface in the process.  Opportunity is not being given to black actors of darker complexion.  That is what Nina Simone stood for in part, equality and acceptance of all. Less discrimination against people of darker complexions. To then see that a afrolatina actor is being painted black as opposed to hiring someone more qualified to play the role like Mary J Blidge, who dropped the project, or Jennifer Hudson.


I am not the only one outraged by this… Lets take to twitter :

The official witter for the estate of Nina Simone tweeted this after a quote tweeted by Zaldana.

it later continued to post better candidates for the role that is already in post production.


Here is the official Trailer for the BioPic of Nina Simone.



Teach Me!

Being a blogger, the aesthetic of a website is almost as captivating for me as the content itself. Of course it is impossible to stay on a pretty site that is pointless, but the way things look can change the website’s reception.  I took time to look at different websites that are WordPress based and my favorite one has to be Kim Kardashian’s page.


She pays someone to make her blog look so awesome and I would love to learn to do so myself for my own business.  


Other sites include:

Stylish Themes, A wordpress theme sales site

I shot him a design studio,



PMB Like A Virus In My Brain

As we all know, this weekend was The Super Bowl! Some people watch for the love of the game; where others watch for the commercials and halftime.  Sadly this year I didn’t fall into either category because I was a work!  Nonetheless Twitter was buzzing with excitement. I stumbled upon a hashtag for #PuppyMonkeyBaby .

Now, I am one of these people who really enjoys a good pairing of words.  I love to write and laugh so much at well put together things. I couldn’t resist clicking the trending topic.

I then stumbled across this gem of a commercial posted by Mountain Dew:

This has to be the single most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week, WHO THINKS OF THESE THINGS! I’ll tell you who, ME!

I mean what do you get (Umpa Lumpa voice)  when you mix three of the world’s cutest creatures? PUPPYMONKEYBABY

I kid you not, I am obsessed. might even have me a mountain dew!



Kathy Takes a Tumble

This gif comes from the attached video.  My friends and I decided to make a parody episode of Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.” This was initially supposed to be a web series that we completely lost interest in. This episode was shot, edited, and posted all in one night. The image chosen as a gif was when my character, Kathy, tripped over her heels and embarrassed herself upon arriving to the Bad Girl’s house. This was totally unintentional as the shoes I was wearing were two and a half sizes too small.

Gw7rpwX - Imgur