Final Blog Post

Introduction: The CT101 class is a class about digital storytelling in which the students are given assignments to do that relate to the idea of conveying ideas through digital media, ie. GIFs, memes, blogging, etc. My entire semester in this class was a learning process on how to convey ideas through digital media considering that… Continue reading Final Blog Post

Assignment #7

The COV-19 pandemic has altogether stopped the normal functioning of life and has made people self-quarantine themselves with nowhere to go and with nothing to do. This has impacted people of various lifestyles such as; Students, people that work, parents, the homeless, etc. This pandemic has impacted my semester so far by making us stay… Continue reading Assignment #7

Assignment #6

My Understanding of the Law: The law that is on copyright infringement for any type of entertainment is about protecting the creator from being copied without given permission, especially if it is used for profitable purposes. My Understanding of the Case Presented: The copyright issue that I chose is; Everything is a Remix. This case… Continue reading Assignment #6

Assignment #5

Panoramic Picture: In order to take the panoramic picture, we had a cameraman in place while all of us placed ourselves in position to pose for the picture. We had taken two panoramic pictures as seen below and took them on two different settings on campus. We just used a built-in feature in our phone… Continue reading Assignment #5

CT101 Digital Storytelling