Assignment #7

The COV-19 pandemic has altogether stopped the normal functioning of life and has made people self-quarantine themselves with nowhere to go and with nothing to do. This has impacted people of various lifestyles such as; Students, people that work, parents, the homeless, etc. This pandemic has impacted my semester so far by making us stay at home and making us do distance learning in which it is not as good due to there being a lack in the quality of teaching, considering it is not face-to-face. However, with this class moving on as a online entity I do not feel bad about it, since it is already half online and half face-to-face. So, it is easy to push this class to be fully online, as we are already fully familiarized with the tools that we need to pass this course.

Assignment #6

My Understanding of the Law:

The law that is on copyright infringement for any type of entertainment is about protecting the creator from being copied without given permission, especially if it is used for profitable purposes.

My Understanding of the Case Presented:

The copyright issue that I chose is; Everything is a Remix. This case is about that whatever is created is not really original, but a replica of what was created before and just tweaked to make it seem like new. The person doing the talk was Kirby, and Kirby states that creativity and creations come to be from looking at others and trying to copy them. When this happens, the individual tends to become just as talented as the other person being copied.

Things That Stood Out To Me:

Two things that stood out to me from the video was that all the entertainment that we consume is never really original but copied from previous versions and that the original work is only created once, while everything after it is just a copy with modifications to it.

These two things stood out to me because when we see entertainment, we get amused by how it is new and fresh. But, the reality is that its just a replica of what came before and just revised to fit into the modern world for the modern audience. And for original work to be only created once and never again is also interesting, as you have the framework built first for an invention, and then the framework is modified by other people. In which, it is never really their intellectual property in the first place, but just a new and improved product of the original product.

My Point of View:

My point of view on this issue and on this topic is that it is good to place restrictions on people from stealing other people’s ideas, but if someone is going to file suits based off similar products or products that have a similar piece of music, movie clip, and anything else is wrong. Because, the Internet is big and there is a lot of entertainment out there, and if someone does do something similar there is a 50/50 chance that they might not know about it. So, the authorities should be a little bit more lenient on the rules they are enforcing and do more research into the investigation before putting a blame on someone.

Assignment #5

Panoramic Picture:

In order to take the panoramic picture, we had a cameraman in place while all of us placed ourselves in position to pose for the picture. We had taken two panoramic pictures as seen below and took them on two different settings on campus. We just used a built-in feature in our phone camera to take the picture from one side of the environment to the other side of the environment in slow motion. When this process was in effect, the cameraman stopped shooting us and waived at us to go behind and around him to pose for the second part of the panoramic picture, in which he started to film again from the point at which he stopped, in order to get our newer pose.


Assignment #4

The Project That I Could Do:

I chose to do this project because its something that we already did in class very recently and is really simple to do, especially if you have access to a good GIF editor. You really don’t need to know much on how to do this assignment, but you do need to know how to copy and paste pictures and URLs into an editor and just need basic computing skills. I think we would be doing more projects like these in the semester, since everything nowadays is about virtual pictures and photography. These skills are important in today’s world, since if you know how to take something and modify it to the point that it looks more better, it would make you seem better than everyone else.

The Project That I Can’t Do:

I chose to do this project because its very interesting to use graphic design on how to design an identity and how you can use it to show other people who you are. What I think I need to learn on how to do it is that I need to know a little bit about web design, coding, Photoshop skills, etc. I think we would be doing at least one project like this in the semester. This skill is important to learn, as in today’s world when you go work for a company, they are going to need people that could design them websites and any online platforms that could express their company and that could reach out to potential customers. And knowing how to do this could help you land a job that you want somewhere in the designing industry.


Assignment #3

My feelings for the CT class are positive because the class is easy and is a reliever after all the hard college classes that have been taken and currently being taken.

And considering this class is easy, it’s really easy to get “Ready For Battle” as prepping for the class is not so hard and that it requires no effort at all.

While, for other classes you are busy making sure that you have everything, in order to make sure that you don’t screw up.

Are Internet Memes Art?

From the research that I have conducted on this question, the answer really does not matter as it is just a trend and not an actual topic to talk on. Most of the people that give this matter attention are young people and not that many older people. So, this argument is just a matter of who is more of a kid than the other person, as people are really not arguing, but just throwing tantrums over who is right and who isn’t.

But, for me memes are considered art because they are a new way to express emotions and feelings. This is also good for communication, as it is allowing anyone from any part of the world to express themselves. Memes are also a good way of self-expression, since it shows what your interest is in (the actual picture) and the things that you are feeling at the moment (the text placed on the picture).

My Favorite Memes: