Hey My Website Is Here!

So excited to start working on my website. The customization of my page was easy because I used the tutorial on the Ct101 page. The theme will constantly change, so be prepared to see different subjects and themes throughout the year.

Heres the link to my website, check it out!



Frida Gif

My FIRST Gif Project

I decided to photoshop of Frida Kahlo. Her life story inspires through her artwork. I found this photo of her to be very symbolic for her pure demeanor .I changed the background a hot pink which makes the image pop. Behind Frida I blurred her after duplicating the background layer. I had some difficult time creating a movement. However with the help of the professor I was able to master the puppet warp tool. This is my favorite post because it allowed me to be creative.


This is a link to a website of her paintings. I found her painting very empowering. Check it out!

Something That Makes Me Happy

These two women from SNL are my favorite actresses. Their work makes me happy. Each movie they do brings me tears of laughter. I decided this giphy because it shows their eccentric energy. Watching their work puts me into a good mood.


A Movie That Makes Me Happy

Home Alone 2

With the weather changing, I thought of something that makes me happy this time of year. Growing up I always loved watching Christmas movies with my family. This scene from Home Alone 2 is my favorite part. Watching this movie brings back so many positive memories with my grandparents. Home Alone 2 was the first movie that made me love Christmas movies.