A new playing field


For my website i have decided to use my name. I was going to use my nickname okie.com but it was already taken ūüôĀ ¬†. It is a simple name and very easy to remember. I ended up using my name iokeowo¬†.¬†This domain already exist because I use it as my personal site, but I get lazy updating it or putting any content on it. Now that i am using it for CT 101 I think I will be more serious with the site.

I am not a fan of wordpress. The development language (PHP) is horrible (my personal opinion), I like to have full control of mysite/code  (hands on, down and dirty). I work as a web application developer for department of transportation. I do most of their site update or help create an web application.

My most recent application is called CityBench An application used to find citybench throughout the five borough.

How to release some tension with Carlos Pérez

I am not a sport fan but when I saw this video on instagram of Carlos¬†Perez having a melt down or something that looks like a situation gone wrong. I asked myself, how bad could this be? I searched online for the actual video but I couldn’t find it. I decided make a gif of Perez constantly fighting with the cooler.

Carlos Pérez VS Blue Cooler

Marvel – The Resurrected

Assignment 2 | Photo Mashup

This is based on DS106 assignment repository.For this assignment you are to mash together a video of clips or photos of your favorite TV character or personality. Over the weekend I kept seeing pictures of meme people made about marvel characters that died in the movie/show but didn’t actually died. I decided to make a poster for a new marvel movie called “The Resurrected”


A Summary of Marvel Movies

  • X-Men – The Last Stand: Charles dies but, not really
  • Thor:¬†Loki dies but, not really
  • Thor 2:¬†Loki dies (again) but, not really
  • Captain America 2:¬†Nick Fury dies, but not really
  • Iron Man 3:¬†Pepper dies, but not really
  • Avengers: Phil Coulson dies, but not really
  • Captain America:¬†Bucky dies, but not really
  • X-Men – Days of Future Past:¬†Everyone dies, but not really
  • X-Men 2:¬†Jean dies, but not really
  • *¬†Spiderman: UNCLE BEN ALWAYS DIES.¬†


Looking at the first assignment, in my head I was like i am going to make this first assignment about imgur.  Imgur is a photo/video sharing site that i have an addiction to. I rarely use facebook or instagram but i can  be on imgur most of the time.

What I like about this community is what the people uploads, it can be pictures, videos, gifs, meme it could be about telling a story, or a how to guide, current events, or some cat videos (cat tax) or someone just venting. And the community contributes to post via comments or pictures, videos, gifs, meme.

I guess what makes it even more special is the post system. Whatever you post gets a point. If someone likes your post, you will get an upvote, and if they hate it, you will get a down vote or no vote. The more upvote one gets the more your post will likely make it to the front page. Overall, it come downs to being creative with what you post. Everything matters from post title, to quality of the post, to relevance of the post or even a username.

Here are some post from imgur.
A Real Cop
Poor Leo
Martin Shkreli

I find comments reading fun and interesting.