Can someone answer me?

Hey guys, I would like to know how many of you all has already created your site.

If so, are the assignments that you complete now suppose to be posted on your new site or are you still posting on this blog as well.

Let me know, because I want to know what you guys are coming up with and so on but in the same sense which site are we supposed to be primarily using as of right now. If you do post on your new site tell us your URL’s so we can follow you on there.

Finally A GIF!!!

It has taken me quite some days to edit and get the perfect GIF that I wanted. It wasn’t easy I edited YouTube videos, TV shows, commercials, and cartoons but nothing that I truly wanted to expressed was coming to life. Finally after two days I’ve found what I wanted to create. That is a reaction GIF that represented, not only how i felt majority of mornings, but also how a lot of people may be feeling. Have your morning ever started off wrong and everyone annoyed you?

My reaction GIF would be used to show people that it is not your day; you didn’t get enough sleep and you simply want to be left alone. Due to the fact that I love cartoons I decided to use a YouTube clip of my favorite cartoon, edit scenes out to make it continuous, enhance the color, and speed up the time.

Friend: Hi, good morning how you feeling?

Me: Leave me alone I’m not in the mood

Friend: I just wanted to know how your day was

Me:  annoyedFriend: Fine, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

The Perfect Domain Name

Creating a domain can be almost like creating a child. We think of a name, we feed it with the right information we want, we watch it grow into something bigger and better all while helping it expand its life. The first thing a person would always do is think of a name. That name may come from anywhere, however it needs to give the viewers an idea of the type of things that are going to be posted. Any one can or probably should have their own domain. Whether it’s a student and it’s for a class assignment or it is an adult who wants to portray professionalism. A digital identity can be so fun to create not only will it reflect the type of person you are but in the process of thinking of new ways to become better online it can transition into the way you think in reality. Often enough we as humans always need to share things we can never have something only for ourselves. So when you come up with the idea of your domain and you work on it, it becomes something that only you, the creator, have control over. The one thing we don’t have to share.

Is Face Book and YouTube Your Life?

From YouTube to Twitter everyone is involved with social media. It has come to a point now where even my grandmother has a Facebook. Usually I say grandma you too old to be posting statuses but that doesn’t stop her from doing it. YouTube is more of a necessity for me to go on to than Facebook. I can spend countless hours on YouTube just because its an unlimited amount of things you can watch or topics that may interest you. Whereas Facebook is all about the drama and who is the most “famous” on the net. I use both accounts differently, although I do not have a YouTube channel I go on to view things that excite me. Ranging from hair tutorials to how to fix my broken phone. Facebook is more for catching up with my friends and posting pictures. No matter what social media you use be mindful of the things you put out there. Danah Boyd speaks of Myspace and I remember having one and no one could find me. Now on Facebook people I have no mutual friends with are finding me and my profile name is on Google. As time progresses people are making themselves less “private” and that’s an issue. Jobs can and will see your profiles so be real careful with your decisions to post certain things!!!!!!!

The 1st Day

excitied I am so excited. I want to know how to use the computer not only for basic skills but to create moving images, design graphics, and creating digital stories. I am looking forward to meeting others and gaining social skills. I know a little about video editing and a little about photo editing. I would like to complete majority of the assignments. The fact that we have the freedom to choose what topic we want to work on may allow people to get out of their comfort zone and show their talent. I have no talent, i tried to sing once but I’m horrible at it so I gave that dream up lol.