Finally did it!

I was having trouble to add CT 101 page on my website. It was so frustrating for me because I knew I added it during my class session. However, I just never checked the primary option box to appear on my homepage. Posting a blog is easy and all but it is necessary to be careful while posting or editing it. There are so many options where you can make your blog or your homepage look way cooler then it is. You have to pay attention to small details. Finally I learned from my mistake and now I have an CT 101 page on my homepage.

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Student life.

Personally I think being a student can be crucial at times. Especially when you have you are a full-time student and a full-time worker to support yourself. However, facing these types time of obstacles during student life can make us strong as individuals. Life can be harsh to us sometimes but it’s our responsibility to pick ourselves up and carry on with our life as if nothing happen. Yesterday I pulled a 15 hour shift and now I am running on 3 hours of sleep. It might sound corny but I am happy to be in my class. Since I switched my major from nursing to CT I have never been this happy. I am always eager to learn new techniques with wordpress and coding. Moral of this blog is, if you are passionate or happy with whatever you are doing or trying to do near future, no hardship of your life can make you weak. Be strong keep your head up and conquer the God damn world!


Past week was such a chaos and this week will be the end of me. I have two essay’s due with of 700 words each and dew blogs to post. I think a day should be 48 hours instead of 24 hours. We as college student we have a lot in our plate with school and work.  Especially the students who work more than 40 hours and then go to school as full time student. I guess that’s the way we should hustle and bustle in our life. At this time we have energy but not enough time and money to spend. I wish the best to all the students who are busting there butt to reach on top.

Wanna be a photoshop pro?

It was my first time using photoshop to create this GIF post. At first I was frustrated but later on professor Smith’s tutorial helped me a lot. One thing I will say is photoshop tutorial is very helpful. I pretty much experimented with all the tools to the point where I messed up my GIF. It was worth it because now I know which tool is useful based on what I really want to do. Despite my frustration, I did enjoy it making this GIF post. All I need is practice to master photoshop skills.

Happy, Frustrated and Confident!

 I was confused at first because I never imgur nor giphy. Pretty much that was me when I found out I can make a GIF on my first day!2nd class of mine was a disaster due to slow server. Come on #YorkCollege  get it together.
  On my third week I pretty much mastered on my GIF making skill.

At first I was a bit lost because I have never taking any CT classes. I am glad that I switched my major to CT. On top of that I am really happy with my classes and my professors so far (except for one #shade). So far I am liking my CT 101 class a lot. Learning how to make GIF for now but I am really excited building my on web where I can post blogs whenever I want. My professor is really patient with his students. When one of us are confused or not sure about how to post things properly he directs us step by step. It shows that he cares about us.