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Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well, this is my first time creating something like this and ever since this outbreak has started everyone is stuck being home and doing nothing beside seeing the trendiest videos, I mean if you have a content online it’s going to be popular regardless what it is. one of the trending videos was making the “whipped coffee” aka Dalgona Coffee (I made smh wasn’t worth it tbh) but anyway for my website it is going to be a food blogging website where all the mouth-watering and the  Zeitgeist (trendiest) food will be found.


thank you all.


Happy Online with Cats and Youtube

Excited Cat GIF
Im still laughing.

The age of internet where very thing is found with a simple click and so many countless content. Every body is different they have their own ways of picking what making them laugh or smile. So in my case the thing that makes me happy the most for being online is watching silly cat videos. I’m not allowed to have a pet cat and if I was allowed I would have 10 cats by now.

Tom And Jerry GIFs | Tenor
This Explains how much I love cats

  I feel like my love for cats started from “Tom and Jerry” show it was like when ever it was on I was glued to the screen. There wasn’t much taking in the show but my father had somehow found a Bengali dubbed “Tom and Jerry” and that used to be my life. Now that Im all grown now the obsession with the show has decrease but my love for cats haven’t .

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The next big thing that always cheers me up is YOUTUBE. the biggest virtual creation of all time. It has never let me down. when ever Im bored or I have nothing to do, it is my go to. the trending list keeps me going. It is its own institute and I’m its student out of so many learning something new or keeping myself entertained with cat videos and many more. I just love the way it works, before if I was to watch something new I had walk up to the corner DVD shop and ask for the shop keeper is there anything new and selection was very limited. some days even I would be so disappointed that there is nothing new to watch for me. At this age I really appreciate the all the media streaming site it has made my life so much easier and therefore happier.

So Happy And Thankful Today, Received Our Family's Christmas ...
Thank You

Is meme an ART?

Well, Memes or ME-Me, they are our 2 am single life swipes that make us giggle for a few seconds and on to the next swipe for funnier ones. With Pepe the frog to whatever that is trendy now. while the question was asked in class “Are memes Art?” with everyone’s hands going up. I was the only person who said it wasn’t meanwhile in my head all sorts of memes were going on.

does it make sense? LOL guys no hate I’m no meme god but it’s my creation.

but still not An Art!
trust me

Okay, I’ll stop. but here are some true artists.

What’s your Hotline meme?


you can hear this (Ahem*PPAP*)

When you have no clue whats a hybrid class.