Farewell CT101

Current mood while doing the final assignment for CT101….

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Wow, I must say this semester went by really fast. It feels just like yesterday that I am buying new notebooks and pens to complete my final semester at York. Fast forward four months and I am now one week away from being a college graduate. The reason why this semester went by so quick mainly has to do with me taking CT101. Overall CT101 was a fun class where I learned a lot of new things that I thought I would never learn. Starting from GIFs, having our own blog site, and even vapor-wave art. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW WHAT VAPOR-WAVE WAS!!! LOL. But I had a blast making own vapor-wave, which I believe I did a good job on.

CHECK IT OUT!!!!^^^^

I was able to learn how to properly hyperlink and how can I forget photo shop. CT101 taught me how to actually use photo shop in an effective way. In particular I enjoyed the website that CT101 provided for us because it gave us a platform to create and publish our own content. I happened to use my site as a blog post website where I practically talked about everything such as fashion, travelling, CT101 classwork, sports, photography etc. I plan on maintaining the website and keeping the way it is, me talking about what’s on my mind. That way I am not secluded to one particular audience. Rather I am touching multiple audiences who will be interested in my content.




Overall I had a blast while taking this class, but I know I could have done better. Therefore I believe I earned a C or a C+ in the course. That being said it was a pleasure Mr. Seslow and I appreciate all that you taught, you were great!!!!!!!



Hey everyone as you all already know our assignment this week was to create our own vapor-wave. To be quite honest I had a hard time doing so, but you must never give up. So finally after a long long long time I figured it out. Although some of the work on my vapor-wave is typically seen throughout other vapor-waves. I decided to add my favorite athletes to my vapor-wave to make it seem different from others. I also found it quite cool and funny to add the censor sign and the class name on the female roman statues.

Vacation Poster

Who doesn’t like vacations? Almost everyone enjoys time off in there life and travel. This weeks assignment had to do with altering a vintage vacation poster. This poster stood out to me the most because I actually went to Venice this past August. I must say, it is a must visit for anyone who has not been there.

I added the “Where Everyone Sails To CT 101” because the only way to travel within Venice, you must sail on boats. I found it cool if I added that caption because as a class we will sail to CT 101.

What Is My Domain Name?

Creating a domain name is something creative that would attract the audiences eyes. Therefore determining the use of your domain is vital because it should be something that you enjoy doing. That is why I am going to create a sporting blog page that allows any sports fan speak there mind. Not only will the blog site be restricted to one sport, but all sports will be allowed to be spoken about. I have always been interested in sports and actually was apart of numerous sporting blogging sites, where I shared my own ideas. Now I believe it will be cool and fun to start on my own. Whoever knows well, all know I have to start the first blog post about my KNICKS!!

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