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What do you do when you are face to face with what you fear most?

The Gif i have created is from one of my favorite scripted series, HBO’s Game of Thrones. Game of thrones is based on  the George R.R. Martin novels. If you’re like me and have not read the novels, essentially GOT is the story of numerous powerful families in Westeros and their journey to ascend to the Iron throne. And with all eyes on the Iron throne, savagery ensues especially with the addition of White walkers. What is a white walker you ask? That White, skeleton like creature in the GIF above. The scene i have chosen is from GOT season 4 finale where Sam (The human) was hiding from a previous attack but then came face to face with a greater threat. Game of thrones is a phenomenal series that if you are intrigued enough to watch, you will enjoy every last minute. Although you may be opposed to the Red wedding 😉

Copyright issues in Hip Hop: Are remixes a violation?

Living in the digital age, copyright infringement is a huge issue affecting the creatives of the world. Whether through music being placed as a background for a video or even remixing a song can be seen as a violation to the owners of content being used.

Azealia banks was accused of stealing artist Baauer’s 2013 hit Harlem shake on twitter. For reference, Harlem shake is an instrumental track which led to a popular (but short lived) dance craze on youtube. Banks, a rapper from Harlem loved the beat of the song and chose to remix it for her fans, Baauer was not pleased and asked Banks not to release her version. Chaos ensued, Azealia Banks released her remix anyways causing a twitter war full of expletives.

Below is Azealia Banks’ remix.

As one who enjoys Banks’ music despite her twitter antics, i believed this was a case of good ole’ fashioned misogyny. While this feud and this remix are old news, what will always be present is the fact that in Hollywood no one’s music is safe. Every artist looks for innovation or to be inspired through their peers’ music. While i saw no ill intentions on Azealia’s end, i can respect Baauers’s position. All is fair in love and music. Or is it?

What makes me happy?

Being the pop culture junkie i am, i love a good meme or substitution of a pop culture event. I.e. The 2015 VMAS where Miley Cyrus was the disastrous host. In midst of the show, Rap Mogul Nicki Minaj won the VMA for “Best rap video” and was not shy on addressing the elephant in the room. Days prior to the event, Miley Cyrus spoke disapprovingly of Minaj’s stance on nominations of Women of color versus white women, which led to a short fallout with Taylor Swift. While accepting her award, Minaj confronted Cyrus with a Expletive response. Cyrus temporarily stunned, continued hosting duties with a strong poker face. This did not stop tumblr users from poking fun at the situation leading to the recreation of a infamous scene from “Juice” Starring the late Tupac Shakur and Omar Epps . Below is the tumblr link to the recreation as well as the original.