CT101 Final Blog Post/ Hankook Kang

Farewell, class

This is my final blog post for CT101 and I just want to say how glad I am to have shared this experience with the professor and our classmates.

CT101 has taught me how to use a lot of the tools I need for my field of work.

In the beginning we learned about GIF s, and the professor was cool enough to share his own artwork which I found fascinating, and inspiring.

Early on we were taught how people manipulated all sorts of media content to communicate in various ways over the internet. One of my favorite subjects from class was the discussion of Meme culture; how they are created, and answering the question of whether or not meme is art. It was interesting to see the various reactions and opinions of each classmate. In the process we also learned how to create our own memes.

USING the technology  & tools around you…

to create different means of communicating with people, was one of the greatest lessons that I have learned in CT101 class. The abundance of technology and media around us, which can be manipulated to create anything you can imagine. Many of us now have access to cell phones that have come a long way when it comes to computing power. Lessons like the panoramic gallery assignment taught me that we have the tools in our hands to express ourselves in creative ways and that all it requires is a little bit of imagination and ingenuity. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out my post on Are memes art? where I take an investigative look into the world of memes to determine whether or not memes are in fact art.

An Introduction to the world of Internet communication..

would be the best way to describe the class, in my opinion. Covering everything from GIFs and memes, to basic copyright laws and website creation.

I was particularly passionate on the subject of copyright laws and content usage, because in my field of work it is a huge grey area. Like the internet artists who are responsible for popularizing film clips and pictures, a lot of times Hip-Hop musicians are often scrutinized for the use of samples from other songs. Sampling in hip hop is like movie clips to GIFs or images to memes, in other words the heart of Hip hop music. There are many cases (literally) that a producer is taken to court over the use of a sample by the copyright holder. There is an on going battle between producers and copyright holders, both having valid points to defend their actions.

Side note: One of my favorite things to do while on the internet is checking out Youtube channels like Bandstand , that show you the songs that various artists get their samples from. You can even check out whosampled.com and you’ll be surprised at how many of your favorite songs actually contain samples. Whether your a fan of hip-hop or pop music, be sure to check out these links.

In the final phases of the class we learned about creating our own websites. So far when it comes to my personal website, I have had some success in navigating and uploading content. One of the most difficult parts of using WordPress to build a website is the manipulation of elements. I have recently grown accustomed to the layout builder that Wix offers, when working with my other website. I am very much used to the drag and drop work flow rather than a blog post based work flow. I also found that site customization was somewhat limited, although that could have a lot more to do with the template that I chose more than WordPress itself. I plan to use my website as a portfolio for my music identity. At the moment, you can navigate around my website to read a short personal bio as well as view some images. Soon Handadon.com will be a place where you can tune in to find my latest songs  and projects as well as a place to communicate with me, for those interested in working on a project. I’m exited to continue building my website and I hope to eventually build it to the point where I would want to renew the domain once my free subscription ends.

Overall, CT101 is an experience that I will carry with me through my career as a musician and student. I have decided to minor in Communications Technology, in hopes to learn more about the internet and how I can use it to reach a broader fan base as well as other artists. I also enjoyed the conversations we had in class on the philosophies and outlook on life of the professor. “Try not to take anything personal” was one of advice’s given by our professor early on and it has definitely stuck with me. I found the professor very insightful and pleasant to chat with. As dreadful as it was to wake up at 8 for class every morning, the professor always had activities prepared that made you want to participate and get your creativity flowing.

When it comes to rating my own performance, I would have to be generous and say that I deserve an A rating. Let me explain..

After a tough semester for everyone due to the corona virus epidemic, I was still able to make my way onto most of the online zoom sessions to keep up with the classwork. I stayed up to date with all the work, making a list and completing EVERY assignment that was given throughout the semester. I was able to build my website and learned how to upload my own images onto it. I published a post and even secured my website with an SSL widget. Once I learn how to easily manipulate the layout I think my website will be up and running smoothly as I want it too.

I was honest and thorough in my posts and often took on an investigative angle when answering some of the assignment questions.

I took my time in making sure I was communicating my point as clearly as possible and encouraged other students to respond to my posts with questions and extra content for them to check out. I left several comments on other peoples posts and checked out a lot of the work by other students quite often. I’ve seen everything from websites on cooking recipes, to video game blogs and photography portfolios. It was interesting to see what other students were using there websites for, and I would like to thank everyone for the inspiration that it gave me for my own.

I learned a lot of tools and skills that I will be putting to good use. Everything from making Gifs and Memes, to building websites that I can use to promote my work as a musician and communicate with fans.

Here are the links to all my blog posts,

in case you guys haven’t checked them out yet. I’m still open to hear what you guys think about them! Feel free to leave comments and I will try my best to respond to you as I will still be checking in from time to time, as long as the blog lends us permission to. Be sure to also keep checking into my website as I will be continuing to improve it.

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Make Up Assignment for Week #7 – Copyright Issues in Music

As a music producer, when I was asked to write a blog post about copyright issues, I knew exactly which topic I wanted to research and talk about. Copyright issues in sampled music has always been a huge topic of debate, even political, in the world of music. This is especially the case in the genre and business of the music that I prefer, and if your guess was Hip-Hop than you are correct. For a music genre that has been popularized by and built entirely on the use of Samples, Hip-Hop has often been the poster child in the ongoing battle of creative expression and control.

As a producer of the Hip Hop genre, it is often hard for me to pick a side in this battle because the  two sides both offer a reasonable point of view, as to why it is legal/illegal to use someone else’s sample without permission. Often times producers are pursued by copyright holders when they find out their music has been used.

I think the issue stems from the abundance of “grey area” in creative expression laws. Often times, the laws leave room for interpretation. Terms such as “fair use” make every case unique because it allows both the artist and copyright holder a chance defend whether a song was in “fair use”. Even the judges opinion on what “fair use” is can weigh in the courts verdict.

As a producer I know that their are many, many ways of manipulating a sample to create songs. The possibilities are almost endless. Whether I stretch a 1 second clip or speed up a 3 minute song, change the pitch, or drench it in a list of FX’s that you couldn’t even pronounce, I know that I have the ability manipulate a song in an infinite number of ways to create my own form of expression with it. But during this process, at what point is the song no longer considered yours? (You being the owner of a copyright, of the sample I happen to be using). If I put just as much time into rearranging, pitching and cutting a piece of music as the person who wrote it, do I not own some sort of write to publish and use this new form at my own will? And to play devils advocate, Is the owner of the original piece not entitled to credit for what inspired that music in the first place?

Here is a statement on music copyright from the Copyright government website:

“The situation is further complicated by the fact that many licensing transactions are regulated by the government. But the government rules have not been implemented in a unified or systematic fashion. Instead, they represent a series of statutory and judicial mandates that came into effect at various points during the last century to address particular concerns of the day. And still more challenging is that not all licensing is conducted according to these government‐mandated protocols. Some licensing is permitted to transpire in the private marketplace without government oversight. In addition, there are voluntary workarounds to the government processes—more efficient alternatives that have grown up like trees around the government rules and are now deeply rooted”

(https://www.copyright.gov/docs/musiclicensingstudy/copyright-and-the-music-marketplace.pdf -Page 16)

Here are some articles that further investigate the laws of Music Copyright:

Music Law 101: What Does Copyright Law Protect?

Music Law 101: Who Owns The Copyright In A Song?

Famous producer DJ Pain also discusses the topic of Hip Hop music sampling :


Let me know what you think, do you think artists should be allowed to used someone else’s music to create their own? What about credit for the copyright holder of the original piece? Be sure to comment and let me know what you think regarding this issue.

Also check out my music! I write/ slash produce my  music:


and website:


Sometimes I use samples in my music and am a strong advocate for freedom of expression for artists in Hip Hop music. Feel free to sample my work for your own work, I promise I wont sue you