Zyan Malik causes girls to suicide!!!


Zayn Malik’s departure caused a lot of shock to One Direction fans and even non fans, The majority of whom are 12-20 year old females. On Twitter, fans began to upload pictures of themselves cutting their wrists in a way to show their disapproval of Zayn Malik leaving the group which made him who he is today.
Authorities are reporting that six have already committed suicide because of Zayn’s departure. Authorities have also revealed that they were all females within the age range of 11-15. Authorities have chose to conceal the identities of the deceased and their method of suicide. “I can’t believe it” says the mother of one of the girls who committed suicide, “I never thought it would end like this for her, for a petty reason like that boy leave his group”, finished the mother as she began to cry for her daughter.
“Tragic”, says psychologist Anna Henley, “for individuals to take their own life’s for a reason like that, just shows how much power these artists and celebrities have over people, and it’s not a good thing”. Authorities are also looking for any other reasons why the girls could have committed suicide other than for the reason of Zayn leaving One Direction. Subscribe to huzlers.com and we will keep you updated on future news.


  • My personal opinion

I feel really sorry for Zayn because since he left over 2000 people have taken their own lives and there is a hashtag called #cutforzayn which 1000’s of people have done. Just imagine how Zayn feels..



To me as a gentleman who lives in Brooklyn, I have to be an early bird who wake up early everyday and take the Bay Parkway N Train Station to get to Queens then take the Q17 bus to get to to Flushingand finally Q25 to get to school. I’ve never woke up late, but when I, I go coco.. crazy….

The worst part that destroy my morning mood is when I woke up early and get dressed, then run to the bus stop but somehow I run into the bus stop instead of run to it. You have no idea how much that upset me so bad…



So now do you see how much I’m dying to earn knowledge…




STEROIDS!! The Hidden Enemy!!





Since my professor asked the class to do the second assignments and to be a creative, I thought of something that I really want to share with people, thing that will benefit us. I was looking through Google, and I found an interesting article in New York Times, that gets my attention which talked about SteroidsAt the beginning of the article I thought the writer exaggerated about the topic; however, when I done my research, I realized it is a huge issue that most people they might know it but ignored it.



In your heart of hearts, you know steroid abuse can’t be good. And your heart is telling you the truth. Even when used to treat medical conditions, anabolic steroids have all kinds of common side effects and it’s not only that, it might kill you at a young age. Let’s first watch this video about what steroids really do to us.



Steroid hormones work by stimulation of receptor molecules in muscle cells, which activate specific genes to produce proteins (see Figure 1.1). They also affect the activation rate of enzyme systems involved in protein metabolism, thus enhancing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation (called an anti-catabolic effect).

Fig 1.1



Yes. Without a doctor’s prescription for a medical condition, it’s against the law to possess, sell, or distribute anabolic steroids. Under federal law, first-time simple possession of anabolic steroids carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. For first-offense trafficking in steroids, the maximum penalty is five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. Second offenses double this penalty. In addition to federal penalties, state laws also prohibit illegal anabolic steroid use.


I hope I highlighted a very important topic that people are not taking seriously and I hope you get educated through that. Just keep in mind, “Your health is your decision”, do not destroy it by a not educated thoughts.





Saturday morning, I was sitting at Starbucks and I ordered a black coffee with a muffin. While I was sitting I watched people who came in and out, most of people I watched had the same order which is a coffee. That guide me to ask myself, why do we drink coffee everyday?!

There really can’t be any adult in this great big world that has never tried coffee. It’s consumed everywhere, and judging by the amount of Starbucks locations in the United States alone. “we love coffee!”

The question that should be asked here is, Is coffee makes you feel happier?!  

A study done by the National Institute of Health found that those who drink four or more cups of coffee were about 10 percent less likely to be depressed than those who had never touched the java. And apparently it’s not because of the “caffeine high” — Coke can also give you a caffeine high, but it’s linked to depression. Study author, Honglei Chen, MD, PhD, told Prevention.com that the proposed reason coffee makes you feel good is because of those trusty antioxidants.

There you go 5 reasons why should we drink coffee daily:

  1. Antioxidants: Coffee contains many antioxidants which purify the body and make one feel fresh.
  2. Good for the liver: Coffee is very good for the liver, especially for people who drink alcohol.
  3. Stress-buster: People who drink coffee daily say that even the smell of coffee can relieve them from stress and tension.
  4. Reduces the risk of cancer: Coffee helps reduce the risk of cancer – be it skin or prostrate. Of course there are no proven guarantees, but no harm in having a cup everyday no!!
  5. Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease: Coffee is also known to reduce the risks of diabetes and that of Parkinson’s disease in a human being.

From my personal experience, I can say coffee has been a part of my day, or maybe more. It gives me the energy of the day that I want and also it helps me to concentrate more on my classes. Having a cup of coffee early in the morning is the magic key of having a happy morning plus a happy day.



First day of Communications Technology CT 101 class.

It was absolutely scarey and confusing at the same time. I was so lost and I felt that I need my mom around LOL. The professor was kind of talking fast and using a very high academic words to explain what the class about.That turned me off and gave me that feeling of wishing that my mom be around for the first time.


How did it go? I always believing in myself all the way down, and I strongly believe that if people do something I absolutely can do it. So, I decided to work my brain harder than usual to catch up with the professor.  After working harder at first class, I can say it went great and I was be able to a create a website and be able to post my first blog as well that you are reading right now.


In general,

I found that the class is wonderful and exciting class. In addition, it gives me a chance to be thoughtful and be a creator by giving me a huge space to prove myself to the people outside.

Finally, safe so far..  fun so far… Good to go…


Note: Communications Technology is a major that will find at York College