Final Blog Post

I chose this class, CT101, as an elective class because I wanted to know what is digital story telling. Before coming to this class, I thought digital story telling was about writing story. For this reason I was expecting to do a lot of writing. When I stepped in the room for the first day… Continue reading Final Blog Post

The First World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is a quadrennial tournament to determine the sport’s world champion. It is one of the biggest events on the planet. The first FIFA World Cup opened at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, Uruguay on July 18, 1930 where France beat Mexico 4-1 and the United States did the same thing by… Continue reading The First World Cup

The Final Week of Class

The final week of class is here. I can not believe it’s been already 3 months. This is one of the toughest weeks during the semester for me because this is the week where I study for final exams. However, I love the thrill knowing that I going to have at least four final exams.… Continue reading The Final Week of Class

ZINE Project

This is how I made my final ZINE project. I opened Adobe Photoshop, and chose the 8.5*11 frame Then, I chose this picture as my background(layer#1) Next with Adobe Photoshop, I added this layer#2. I copied this picture and pasted it to the background picture. This Layer#3 Layer#4 Layer#5 Layer#6 Layer#7 This is the final… Continue reading ZINE Project

Step 2 (ZINE)

After a better understanding of Adobe Photoshop I have done this regarding the ZINE project using  

CT101 Digital Storytelling