Final CT 101 Review

This class was very interesting, and I learned way more than I thought I would. I was really nervous about taking this class because I am not “tech savvy”. Although I really enjoyed myself and all the new things I learned. Even to the point, where you taught me how to use an app PANO that is on my phone that I used way more often because of you. I also have my own WEB PAGE! I would never have thought I would have my own page I am excited to use it for my personal use. Although, I know I need more help but there is always google and you tube that can guide me.
Thanks for your help.


I plan on using my website to show how to make healthy meals.
I’m trying to change my eating habits and I feel posting them on a regular will help me choose the right meals.
I think I want to post before and after pictures of myself as well, to show people the results of choosing healthy foods rather than greasy fried food.
But my domain name doesn’t go with what I decided to do with my page so now I am stuck with my last name as my website’s name.