The Girl on the Train (Week 6)

There once was a girl on the train. She had headphones on, jamming to some  music. The girl begins to close her eyes and in that split second she enter this virtual world. She got out of her sit while on the train mine you she is in a virtual world, but everyone who is on the train doesn’t know that.   In the virtual world there is  a stage surrounded by crowds of people.

The girls biggest fears was to sing in front of a crowd, it made her heart race and her mind loaded. What is she going to do? Is she going to let her fear control her or is she going to overcome it?

During her time in the virtual world her mind takes a complete turn she begins to have a flash back of singing in her room.  The music’s on just when she thought nobody was listening  people actually was listening. These people were her family members they thought she was drop dead talented.

So, the flash back is over and she still on the stage contemplating if she should sing or just wake up from this virtual dream. Something happened inside her in a slip moment she open her mouth and begin to sing. The crowd was mind blown. 

Not only was the crowd mind blown the people on the train was mind blown. She sing her last words and open her eyes and find herself in the middle of the train everyone clapping and cheering. She soon realize that virtual world was a dream that turn into a reality.  Everyone know that a star was born. It wasn’t just any star it was the girl on the train.











Someone Who Inspires Me (Dsl06Assignment)

When it comes to people who inspire me there are many people who take the cake. However my mom is someone who inspires me the most and I am not just saying this cause she is my mom. My mom is someone I look up too. She has been through many things in her life yet she continues to march on. She is someone who does not give up on herself, she keeps going.

My mom always encourages me and gives good advice. She is straight up front and does not sugar code nothing. Sometimes she can be too honest, but you got to love her.My mom has recently change her life in living a more healthier life. She keeps track of what she eats and takes care of herself. I remember a time when she would put others before her and now she has taken charge of her life. That inspires me to take care of myself in put myself first.

My mom is very confident in herself and I love it.  As I get older I hope  to gain more self esteem in myself. It is a working progress, but I am going to get there. I love that my mom knows how to have conversations with people and she makes people laugh. As I mature into a young woman I want to gain similar qualities from her. She is an amazing woman and has a giving heart. I love her and she is my inspiration.

Throwback TV Shows GIF (Ds106Assignment)

From ds106Assignments I decided to choose from the GIF menu. The          assignment was to make a GIF of your favorite TV shows. I chose my favorite TV shows from my childhood. Each show has a meaning to me. Growing up I was a very huge fan of Disney. I made a youtube channel with the name disney in it too

That’s so Raven is a childhood favorite of mine. I remember singing along to the theme every time it came on. I was having karaoke parties by myself. I just connected with the character Raven. She was clumsy and always in a mess just like me.

I would watch reruns of Sister Sister it’s my favorite 90’s show. I still watch reruns of this show today. Tia and Tamara made me laugh every time. They would always say, “Go Home Rodger”( a classic). I love their style, today my style is very much like theirs. They were funny and I learned a lot from this show.



Then comes Hannah Montana when this show first came out believe it or not I did not think I would like it. I don’t know why I thought this. A teenage girl living a double life of being a superstar it’s funny how nobody really figure out she was a superstar into she reveal it to the world. I felt so connected to this show Hannah was on this quest to find herself and all my life I felt as if I was on the same journey .





Lastly, the best cartoon show of all time is Proud Family. This was my show. The Proud family reminds of my family. I had a sugar mama and a crazy over protected dad.   I love this show because there was a character that look like me that I could relate to. This show was laugh out loud funny. I wish that it was still on.

So many great shows are no longer on and it’s so sad because kids today won’t really know the incredible  shows I got to grow up with. I guess it’s my job to tell them how great it was back then.





My Second GIF Animation

This is my second GIF Animation. Doing the process again was a bit tricky cause I didn’t remember everything, but I feel that I am getting better. This time I actually wrote the steps down so next time I can remember and it can come a bit easy to me. Overall I enjoy the process and I want to keep making more GIF Animation.

This time I pick Tamara Mowry  from the hit  TV show Sister Sister and The Real. She is someone  who inspires me and she is  very relatable. I feel that I have a lot in common with her. This is why I chose Tamara Mowry  for my GIF Animation. 

The Making of a GIF Animation

Making a GIF Animation is a process. When I started learning how to make a GIF Animation I was all over the place. I needed so much help cause I am so new this. I love technology and learning new things, it just takes me sometime to get the hang of it all. When I finally got the hang of it I was so proud. Overall the process was a challenge and fun! 

I chose Oprah Winfrey to do my GIF animation because she is someone who has inspire me. She is an intelligent strong Black women who has made a differences in so many peoples lives. Oprah is the voice of a Generation. She is someone who is a good listener and open hearted. I hope to make a differences in peoples lives and be just as successful as her.