Everything’s Good (my Good Ass Outro)

We’ve come to the end of the semester ya’ll. Its been pretty dope. I learned some pretty cool things on the computer because of this class. I dabbled in a bunch of new and fantastic techniques and skills that I was once intimidated by.

Like gif making!

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How to hyperlink to awesome stuff I think you should check out!

How to add posts from other social media to create interesting blog posts


And heres my website!! It’s called Impasto Muse where I showcase dope artists of any sort I fancy and just write about how cool they are. Take a look when you get the chance.

As for the future of my website I might continue to post cool art from local artist or I might turn it into something else should I feel like changing my mind. But I’m pretty sure it’s aways going to stay art based. I like being able to write out my thoughts on certain subjects so i think i’ll continue this blogging thing for a while. I learned a lot while here in class and I can’t wait for my next computer class this summer which will C++ program developing. Hope everyone passes all of there finals and enjoy their summer break!


BTW my title is based off of a Chance the Rapper song called Good Ass Outro. If you’re not down with Chance……just listen to him. That’s all I gotta say.



Thanks for the semester Professor Smith!


Im featured in the student Art Show!

So I posted up a personal painting in the student art show! It’s a piece that means a lot to me and Im really proud of it. The whole thing took me maybe 2 to 3 hours to finish. I’m excited to have this painting showcased because I told myself that I’d actively work at getting my art seen by people. This is only a small gallery in school yes but it’s a start.


The meaning behind it is kind of dark but still relatable. The caption I wrote underneath it is as follows:

“Sometimes the days are long. Sometimes the nights are pitch black with no savior in sight. Keep pushing forward. Be grateful for your blessings and be patient for the blessings soon to come”


I felt pretty lost when I painted this. I’m still finding my way and I’m learning that not having all of the answers is okay and pretty normal. Rarely anyone does. Whats the hardest part for me is to allow myself to let go and continue wandering and pushing forward doing what I love and slowly finding my path.

Messing with photoshop

So the Phoenix project has been frustrating me. So i decided to practice drawing with the tablet directly onto photoshop. Below is a quick practice test run of me messing around with the tools and figuring stuff out. 🙂

Not only did I learn a bit about photoshop, but I learned how to record a portion of my screen, move it onto Adobe Premier to speed up the video, and then export it onto YouTube! I feel so productive lol.


So Im attempting photoshop

Im not very good at photoshop or illustrator but for this week, and possibly next Im going to attempt some artwork on photoshop. There are two routes I could go about doing this. I could start with a pencil sketch that I make by hand and adjust and edit it into line work onto the computer. Or I could draw something directly onto the computer using the Wacom tablet.



This is the image that I sketched, and did a bit of warping with the help of Professor Smith. So eventually what I would hope to do is to make it into a sort of like a logo. I want to redraw the lines onto photoshop using the wacom tablet and color it in as well. For this week and possibly next I’ll be documenting my trial and error of me learning to use the photoshop program. Wish me luck!

So far I’m just doing some research by watching tutorials on youtube from other digital artists.