Final Blog Post

In CT101  I learned a lot of good things. One is making a story out of just GIFs. It was cool honestly. I never used that many GIFs in my whole entire life. Another thing that I’ve learned was how to make a meme using photoshop. It was really cool and interesting to learn and… Continue reading Final Blog Post

Coronavirus Blog

When I first heard that we were transitioning to online classes I was like–> But, then I quickly realized is doing a class at home Is impossible. For me at least. I was already a procrastinator and the online class forced me to become an even better procrastinator. I currently stressed out because I have… Continue reading Coronavirus Blog

Copy right- Enaya Corbin

In the case with the remake of the cover album Kind of Bloop.  In this case this person made a  tribute to Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. And wanted to remake the album cover in pixelated form. This is the original album versus the pixelated version.=====> To a normal person we’ll look at the photo and… Continue reading Copy right- Enaya Corbin

Panoramic Story telling- Enaya Corbin

Hello fellow Classmates and Professor. I’m doing this project a little late because that day you guys did it I was absent. Also, this whole pandemic thing pushed me farther away from doing this project. So i’m so sorry I hope I’m doing this right. My attempt to try and do this project at home… Continue reading Panoramic Story telling- Enaya Corbin

Is meme art?

Some may think otherwise but I believe that meme is a form of art. Why I say this?  Because the definition of art is “expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” What this is saying is that art is what humans create in order to express themselves. With that being said memes are… Continue reading Is meme art?

CT101 Digital Storytelling