Portrait to giphy Project

First I started by choosing choosing a portrait. It was important to make sure that the portrait was clear, not cut off on the head/forehead. I chose myself to be the inspiration for the giphy.

I started off with this selfie  

It is important to me to spread positivity and good vibes. We live everyday not knowing when it is going to be our last day, when our last breath will be. If we can make a change in someones life then thats all that matters. Experiment, do things that you would have never thought you could do.

Week #7 creating website/picking domain name

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for

The creation of our own websites ….

My brain processing all the information 

The hardest part for me when creating my website was what was the name going to be, I had so many ideas in my head.. I decided that I was going to use my First name and last name. I was so happy and excited when my website was finally created and the venture that is about to come. I have so many ideas, on  what the website is going to be about.


Week#6 panoramic story telling

Just another rainy day, when me and my fellow classmates decided to explore the campus and all that comes with it. The wind blowing, sounds of the leaves blowing and the smell of mist and rain. We decided maybe we should do a science experiment with technology, we wanted to make duplicates of ourselves pretty insane huh???..

This should not be hard right?

It was way harder than it looked. I feel like the most important steps to know when creating a panorama is making sure that you position yourself properly and know exactly when to move. Also you must be very fast and have everything already planned out, trust me definitely not as easy as it looks

Are Internet Memes art?

ART  “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power”

Memes are forms of art, memes are something that is creative, uses the imagination, and creative human skills. I do believe that Memes are definitely a  form of expression, I use memes on a day to day basis. I believe that memes help people express themselves in a more free flowing manner.  I think that it is a good form of communication because it is a visual representation of how someone is feeling, It helps the conversation to be more calm and exciting, rather than dull and boring. Art is imagination, expression and creativity, and so are memes. It takes someones imagination to create a picture or take a picture and add a text to give a visual representation on how they are feeling. Memes are GREAT!

My favorite memes at the moment:

This  is  literally  me  in  a picture  

I have horrible vision and I am constantly leaving my glasses at home, I love how humorous and funny it is. I felt personally attacked, by how much this post is like me.

This is definitely me, I am always checking the fridge every 5 minutes to see if there’s anything to eat, but there is always the same nasty food that was there the 5 minutes before.